Uniconta standard

You can try Uniconta completely free for 14 days.
PS! Want to convert from either Microsoft Dynamics C5 or e-conomic you can also download our free conversion tool.

Uniconta Dashboard

Access to Uniconta Windows Dashboard assumes that you have already created a user Uniconta

Server Edition

In larger companies, they do not want that each user has his own copy, but install applications on a single server. To support this, we have now developed an installation process where we use “InstallShield” that installs a complete Uniconta Windows client on a location specified by the user.

This installation checks whether there are new versions availablable at startup, so they must be updated manually by the administrator. Although we upload a new server version and add new clients, so that the old clients and API ‘i are still able to run smoothly up to our new server. You just can not see the new fields or use the new features.

Uniconta standard

You can try Uniconta completely free for 14 days. Uniconta can only run in Safari and requires Silverlight is installed.


This driver is required to run Uniconta.

Running Windows

The following can not run on Mac, Windows only:

  • Uniconta Reportgenerator
  • Uniconta Dashboard for Windows
  • Uniconta Conversion Tool (conversion tool for Microsoft Dynamics C5 and e-conomic)
  • Out of Browser (OOB) versions do not work because of the updated safety in the latest versions of the OS


Uniconta WebPortal is the ideal solution for sellers that record orders, scan in its Annex and follows the trend in sales. In addition, Uniconta WebPortal is ideal for the director who constantly want to follow the company’s results.

  • Appendix Handling
  • Start Uniconta WebPortal on your mobile or tablet. Immediately given the opportunity to annex to be photographed and uploaded to Uniconta’s Inbox.
  • Fully integrated in Uniconta
  • Everything made in Unicontas WebPortal will be immediately updated in Uniconta. It is the same system, so there is no time delay. This ensures that everything is always properly updated.


Use of Uniconta WebPortal assumes that you have registered with Uniconta for Windows or Mac


If you want to convert from Dynamics C5 or e-conomic, we offer a free conversion tool that provides easy and secure transfer of data to Uniconta.

This process has three steps:

    Step 1: Make a multi-export from C5 or e-conomic, so all data is ready to be loaded into Uniconta.

    Step 2: Install Uniconta and create a user. This is done by downloading and installing Uniconta for Windows or Mac.

    Step 3: Initiate conversion with Uniconta’s conversion program. When the conversion is completed, you will be prompted to log in and then have access to your accounts with the converted data.

Instructions for conversion

You can see what you get with the conversion: Conversion to Uniconta


Conversion from Microsoft Dynamics C5 or e-conomic assumes that you have registered with Uniconta for Windows or Mac