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Uniconta Update 68

Release dat: January 14, 2018 Production module We have developed a production module to provide an additional tool for handling bills of materials (BOM). The

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Uniconta Update 67

Link order line items to specific purchased items or inventory If you purchase your inventory at several different prices, you can now direct an item

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Uniconta Update 66

More choice in post-period cost pricing When calculating cost prices after a period end, you can now choose the date, attachment series and whether you

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Uniconta Update 65

Costs of goods sold calculated after period end are no longer booked in closed periods If you are calculating cost of goods sold after a

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Uniconta Update 64

Improved dimension filter You can now choose a list of dimensions instead being limited to just one or all of them, as before. This can

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Uniconta Update 62

More data sources within reports Our report generator now allows you to select several tables for the same report. This applies to reports which allow

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