About us

Erik Damgaard is software developer and founder of Uniconta. His 35 years of experience in the development of i.a. the globally recognized ERP-system – the well-known Dynamics AX flagship at Microsoft, as well as the architect behind the widely used Danish C5 solution and XAL, establishes him as one of the most respected experts in his field.

In 2002, Microsoft acquired its software to become a central part of Microsoft’s range of ERP and business applications.

One of his main goals in developing software is to make it accessible and simple to the user while maintaining the high level of technological development and business functionality.

Therefore, Uniconta is built on a single system that includes all essential tools and key features of an ERP solution within a modern custom Microsoft front and back office architecture. A combination of software development and a commercial understanding of system architecture makes Uniconta the revolutionary new solution in business and ERP.