Effective inventory management
for a Danish company with antennas around the globe

What do a container ship in the Gulf, a cruise ship in the Caribbean and a super-tanker in the Arctic Ocean have in common? A good guess would be that they use one or more antennas from the Danish antenna manufacturer AC Antennas. The company supplies the professional shipping industry with the equipment it needs to keep in touch with the outside world. With over 300 partners worldwide and agreements with some of the world’s largest radio producers, the company’s antenna products reach every corner of the world. Meanwhile, Uniconta keeps track of their finances and administration.

“It wasn’t just Uniconta’s extensive warehouse and logistics function made us switch from C5 to Uniconta,” explains CEO Claus Matthiesen. “Our IT provider, Endsearch, delivered a statistics add-on that makes it faster for us to calculate and analyse our goods planning requirements – and with Uniconta, we now only spend half an hour every quarter calculating what we need to produce and have on stock. We used to easily have spend 2-3 days on it. “

Living up to promises

Calculations are crucial to enable AC Antennas’ to live up to their promise of shipping the goods to its customers within 48 hours. Providing this service requires that the items are on stock. In order to carry out the necessary production planning for over 200 antenna products and roughly just as many accessory products, there must be complete control of inventory, consumption for the year as well as for the last 3 months.

“It means a lot to us,” says Claus Mathiessen. “Our business is based on being ready to deliver as soon as the customer orders. Our quality and our unique crimping technique instead of soldering combined with our delivery speed, is what differentiates us from our competitors. So the many hours that Uniconta saves us calculating all of our future needs are only a part of what it can achieve. The really important benefit is that Uniconta supports the entire concept of our offering to the market.”

Capturing new territory

Once the demand for finished goods is calculated, the production department accounts for the purchase of more than 2,000 individual parts included in AC Antennas’ total product range. Based on these individual parts, all antenna types are then assembled and completed in Glostrup. In other words, the administration required to keep up with demand is  increasingly complex and must be totally comprehensive. . So, we will only have an increasing need for Uniconta in the future. In production itself, AC Antennas still uses Dynamics NAV for planning and other tasks.

“We are working on increasing our share in the land-based antennas market. When it comes to equipment for the maritime sector, we are currently at the forefront of the field, and we want to take advantage of our experience and reputation in the market to forge new paths. We are already off to a great start,” says Claus Mathiessen.