Depot Svendborg, Depot Svendborg: Financial management without headaches and hangovers, Uniconta
Depot Svendborg, Depot Svendborg: Financial management without headaches and hangovers, Uniconta

Financial management without headaches and hangovers

Depot Svendborg keeps the party going on South Funen. Whether it is the annual Frikadelle party in Lohals, the confirmation on Ærø or the catering arrangement with one of the city’s large companies, Depot Svendborg provides bottles and kegs for the thirsty guests. Together with 5 other repositories in the voluntary association Depot Denmark, they have chosen Uniconta to keep track of the economy. They are all able to adapt their solution, so it fits their needs.

Depot Svendborg, Depot Svendborg: Financial management without headaches and hangovers, Uniconta

“Overall, the flexibility and user-friendliness have been the main reasons for choosing Uniconta,” says Niels Staff Johansen, who daily uses the system together with owner Ove Nielsen.
“I am not a trained accountant and I have many other tasks at hand, so the system has to be convenient regarding daily tasks and adaptation for our specific needs. Delivering beer and water directly to the retailer, which some of our colleagues do, requires modifications for the industry’s special requirements – and just like the majority of other things it is easily set up in Uniconta.”

Adaptable system

In the beginning there were details that presented some challenges. For instance, the importance of handling deposit returns for the packaging when shopping with beer and water was not taken into account. “This led us to giving a discount on the deposit when we had special offers. It was not optimal, but fortunately the system easily makes changes,” says Niels Staff Johansen. “With a little help from our reseller – Human Manual Data – the issue was quickly fixed.”

Built-in Direct debet Service

When asked about the system’s timesaving features, he mentions the built-in Nets Direct Debet service, which easily connects customers to fixed payments directly from the bank. It functions as a PBS payment service for companies.

“Upon agreeing on the purchasing conditions with the customer, an invoice triggers automatic payment at the agreed time. The customer saves time on handling payment, and we save time and resources by avoiding reminder procedures. Furthermore, the security of the payment is vastly better. The only manual thing I have to do is import the payments each morning, so they can be sent to bookkeeping with one click,” Niels Staff Johansen explains.

Small details make great difference

Resetting fixed orders is another Uniconta feature that saves time on a daily basis. This means the system can keep all the details from a previous order and simply delete the number of units.

“It’s really timesaving, because customers often call and make quite complicated orders, but in the same order. The function allows you to simply insert the current quantity, while all product descriptions and order details are reused. On a busy day, this feature makes a significant difference,” he says.

Storage in tact

Depot Svendborg is one of the two repositories that have chosen to utilize the inventory management module in Uniconta. “This has led to significantly less time messing around with all the Excel sheets that were previously required. In fact, I used them, as I was about to set up the inventory management in Uniconta until I realized that all the features I needed were already in the system.”