Lots of clothes and lots of control in stores with Uniconta

4 clothing stores, 2 cities, 1 webshop and one accountant. This was the business set-up for which Karen Marie Urup, accountant and former auditor, was seeking a replacement for their C5 financial system that she had been using as an accountant for Mr. Broen in Esbjerg and Mr. Ribe, Fröken and Klunz, all located in Ribe. Her final choice was Uniconta, because it is simple, easy to manage and delivers in terms of accounting.

Effortless transition

“Our C5 was no longer up to date and we had just opened our men’s clothing store in Esbjerg, so it was time to look for a new system. It was actually our cash register supplier who suggested that we consider Uniconta. Our accounting draws on the information from the cash registers, so it made sense,” says Karen Marie Urup, who was pleased with their IT provider, Microcom’s, presentation of Uniconta.

“The conversion from the C5 system was effortless. We even implemented it right before our year end and it did not make any difference,” she says. It did not take up too much of our time nor cost too many consulting hours before we could start using Uniconta on a daily basis.

“All we needed was one morning on the phone with our IT supplier. We implemented small adjustments for the individual stores along the way, so we now have a customised set-up. Overall, it’s the clarity Uniconta provides that is the big advantage for us. With four stores all delivering their own numbers, we need to be able to easily switch between stores within the system. This only takes a couple of clicks. At the same time, we have access to all the features we need. For example, the warehouse module makes it easy to keep the inventory up to date, track scams and generally be in control of the system, even remotely.”

The employees in all four stores also use Uniconta to help customers check whether, e.g. a certain size of a dress is in stock – or if the trousers are available in a different colour. So it is really important that the system is simple and intuitive to use. This way temps and new employees can easily make inquiries and requests.

Director’s overview

Karen Marie Urup does the bookkeeping, while it is primarily the owner of the four stores, Keld Vestergaard, who uses the Uniconta report features. “It is important for him to be able to easily track each store as well as report on all the stores combined, compare sales figures, get statistics and have good a general overview. Again, Uniconta delivers the management and tracking tools we need,” explains Karen Marie Urup, who is so far very pleased with the new financial system and says that she has absolutely nothing to complain about.

“But let’s see, I still have to close my year end in Uniconta, so I’ll do my best to find some room for improvement,” she smiles.