Denmark’s second largest concert venue
has its financial management under control.

When 2 cl of spirits is tapped at Tobakken’s bar in Esbjerg, the sale shows up immediately in their economic system. And if there is less money in the till compared to the number of draft beers that have been served, the accounting department knows it before the customers are ready for their next round. The secret lies in the close integration of Tobakken’s new cash and inventory system with their Uniconta economic system, giving them strong control of the various economic aspects of the West Jutlandian cultural institution.

Efficient cash and inventory system needed

Tobakken is an independent institution consisting of the ‘Culture house’; Denmark’s second largest concert venue, the student house ‘HUSET’ and the youth house ‘KONFUS’ as well as various associations and creative workshops. The various requirements of the institution’s many activities, create very specific demands on their administrative systems. Amongst other things, the institution needs an efficient cash and inventory system for their bars.

Goodbye Ferrari

Specific custom tailoring of Tobakken’s existing accounting system, NAV 2016, would have been required for them to implement their new cash and inventory system. ”The program itself was fine, it’s just that it would have been very costly to tailor it to our needs. We didn’t get the feeling that we could really spar with the consultants we had either. You could say that we owned a Ferrari, but we only drove it to the supermarket,” explains Carina Thiim, Chief Accountant at Tobakken.

In consultation with their board, Tobakken decided to look for a new financial system, listing a number of requirements: ”It needed to be user friendly. It needed to be tailored to our needs for a reasonable fee….after all, we are from West Jutland,” Carina Thiim smiles. ”We also wanted to be able to spar with consultants who really knew the system. The program needed to be fast – and it wouldn’t be bad if we could convert the basis we had in NAV to the new system either.”

Two favorites

A thorough search process landed them with two favorites: e-conomic and Uniconta. Both programs can do a lot and meet our overall requirements, explains Carina Thiim:

“The advantage of Uniconta is that you just download a client with the necessary data when you are working in the system. This makes the workflow much quicker, which was important for us. It was also significant for us, that Uniconta is easy to tailor to our particular needs. E-conomic adaptations were more dependent on many users requiring one given function. “

Price and quality

These two factors in particular, were the main reason that our final choice was Uniconta, says Carina Thiim: ”After our research and meetings, we didn’t doubt our choice for a second. Our new reseller, 2do IT, was very competent and able to supply us with Uniconta, so that it really lived up to our expectations. We did not choose the cheapest on the market, but we got a solution that matches our needs at a reasonable price. Even for West Jutlanders…!”