A mixed bag of requirements in need of a quick conversion

Imagine 25 different businesses of 25 different sizes with 25 different needs. From accounting, invoicing, VAT management and financial statements to checking and following-up on payroll, holiday administration as well as environmental accounting. 

This all managed by one person, who needs to quickly and easily be able to switch between tasks and customers without wasting any time. It’s a mixed bag of needs that requires a business system that is more than just flexible and user-friendly.

…a business system just like Uniconta, if you ask Anna-Marie Christensen, owner of ViKa administration in Denmark. Anna-Marie is a satisfied user of the new enterprise resource planning system. She was using the C5 system and was about to fly into panic when Microsoft decided to shut C5 down.

”I knew C5 inside out and it worked really well for us. So it was a bit of a burden for us to have to find something new. I tested several systems but none of them could quite meet my needs in terms of true flexibility. Once day my reseller came over and said: ”I think it has arrived!” It was Uniconta, and I have to say it had.

Individually tailored

First and foremost, Anna-Marie really appreciates the fact that Uniconta is so easy to tailor to her customers’ needs. Instead of having to find specialized solutions for the various businesses from hairdressers to fishmongers, Anna-Marie and her 4 colleagues are able to just tailor Uniconta to each customer. This eases the daily load considerably, making things much more efficient.

”Because the basic idea is the same, it is easy to jump between customers and tasks. I already have a whole list of personal ID numbers, codes and passwords and special rules to keep on top of for each customer, so the less I need to think about the software tool I’m using, the better. I love the fact, for example, that the system has a shortcut key for almost all of the functions. Uniconta has definitely been designed with the professional user’s needs in mind.” says Anna-Marie Christensen, who used to work for an audit firm, but has been independent for nearly 25 years now.

It just works

”I’m used to these systems being a hassle. It’s usually just the way it is. Nothing ever just works the first time around. Start-up problems and error messages are usually part of the territory, but Uniconta just worked from day one. I can see that the system has been designed by people who are in tune with my daily challenges”.

ViKa Administration is an approved ’Univisor’. This means that companies who use Uniconta can use Anna-Marie Christensen as their supplier and advisor. ”It is a win-win situation for both partners”, she says. ”I can help my customers maximize the system – and since their system is compatible with mine, my colleagues and I can carry out our work much more efficiently.