BEAS A/S: Automation of daily routines

When BEAS decided to upgrade their outdated C5-system, one of the most important requirements for the new system was ease of use and automated workflows.

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Performance Challenges in Cloud-based ERP Software

Using a Cloud-based business and financial management system has many benefits for any type of organisation. However, it places completely different demands on the software provider, assuming responsibility for the underlying infrastructure. And that is no trivial task.

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Inforevision A/S: Fast and efficient bank reconciliation

Inforevision A/S typically serve small or medium-sized businesses, and expectations are that the employees work efficiently. Therefore, they gain valuable insight on the accessibility and user-friendliness of the various systems, and here, Uniconta scores high on the list of preferred systems.

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Wuav A/S: From paper receipts to digitized processes

WUAV A/S switched their outdated DOS-system and paper-heavy processes to Uniconta. Before, offers, orders and invoices were prepared in three different systems with partial integration. Now, Uniconta ties it all seamlessly together in one system.

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Sweetspot: Impulse products require strong systems

Sweetspot’s business model is based on automation and development of intelligent solutions to handle their rather challenging logistics. This requires complex specialist applications with a high degree of integration into the central financial system.

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Uniconta Update 86 – Hotfix

Release date: October 22, 2020

We have updated devexpress to version 20.1.8 since we had some errors in our dashboard. This version should neither effect plugins nor layouts.

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Point S: Efficient operation of repair shop and warehouse

“With Uniconta, we get more value for money. In practice, this means that I can work with accounting, operations and invoicing while my employees use the system for sales. Before, I handled those matters early in the morning or towards the end of the day when our main focus wasn’t servicing the customers. With Uniconta, we now no longer need to fight for access, and can focus on our tasks at the same time.”

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Uniconta Update 86

Release date: September 20, 2020

Include several orders on the same invoice; new attaxhment types; drag and drop; Photo on variants etc.

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Uniconta Project Update 85

Release date May 24, 2020

Version 85 included several updates to the project module which require some further explanation.

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Uniconta Update 85

Release date: May 24, 2020

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Technoflex: More efficient CRM and order management

“We replaced our old C5-system with Uniconta, which has resulted in smoother financial management. We have first and foremost, significantly moved on CRM and order management where document processing gives us completely new opportunities.”

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Two new Uniconta APIs to version 84

We are introducing two new Unicontas API to version 84 New APIs for Uniconta We have uploaded the following two new APIs for Uniconta: Uniconta .Net Standard 2.0 (Nuget: Uniconta .Net Standard 2.1 (Nuget: Three Uniconta APIs will be removed from Nuget This also means that we plan to remove the following three […]

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