Uniconta Update 84

Release date: March 15, 2020

Planning module in Project (Time) anf Fixed Assets module

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John's Automotive Paint

John’s Automotive Paint: Greater focus on customers

John’s Automotive Paint: Greater focus on customers Time, as you know, is money. Especially when the company owner is standing alongside three employees, with the automotive paint gun in hand, when the workshop is busy. This is the case for John Zeinoun, who owns John’s Automotive Paint located in Amager, Denmark. The numerous hours he […]

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Falsing A/S: Effective integration of all systems

Falsing’s old ERP system was no longer updated, and regardless, the company needed to develop their systems to match their growth. The choice fell on Uniconta because of its ability to collaborate with the other IT systems within the company

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Talmennesker: Auditing and consulting without filters

“We quickly realized that we spoke the same language and felt confident that we had a common starting point. This involved both the flexibility and ease of use of the system itself, but also the responsiveness and forthcoming attitude we met with our contact.”

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Uniconta Update 83

Release date: November 24, 2019

Several new features has been added tp Physical Vouchers and Uniconta Project.

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Uniconta Update 82

Release Date September 15, 2019 Accruals for subscription revenue The order module allows users to set up an order to be re-invoiced after a given period of time. This can, for example, be used for invoicing subscriptions.  Version 82 now allows users to set up an accruals profile here (just as in our general journals) […]

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Kundecase pivotpartner

Pivot Partner: External accounting department based on digital efficiency

Uniconta is the perfect match for Pivot Partner and their targeted customer segment because it fills the gap between the small, basic systems and the large, complex financial systems. Uniconta is more capable than smaller systems and at the same time it doesn’t overcomplicate with the various features that are never used within large financial systems.

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Syddansk Tagdækning

Syddansk Tagdækning: Managing administration and projects

Systematic workflows, common overview and effective project management were the definitive factors when Syddansk Tagdæking A/S switched to Uniconta. Now, they have minimized the risk of errors and save time.

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TINC: Inventory management and scalability driving growth ambitions

An efficient inventory system and maximum scalability were considered to be the most important criteria when TINC-owners, Michael Timm and Jane Jensen, chose Uniconta as their financial system.

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GP Metal: Making the recycling business profitable

GP Metal chose to switch their ERP system from C5 to Uniconta – partly because the company’s operations require a number of customized solutions. Uniconta is able to handle the overall price structures and individual agreements with the individual customer.

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myPallet: Less focus on administrative processes and more time for sales

“It was time to get an ERP solution and a CRM solution. We were really busy and spent too much time on the administrative processes. We were looking for an all-in-one tool, but it was crucial that our needs were met and compromise was not an option. We chose Uniconta.”

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CP BYG: Good craftsmanship requires efficient project management

For a craft company like CP BYG, it is crucial that there is control over hours and material usage. This overview provided Uniconta with project management and its ability to split the individual project into sub-projects.

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