Web frame integration

September 13th, 2021 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To open any external URL in new tab, in local menu choose control: “ViewURLPage” In the Arguments, to pass the values from selected item a url can be added with placeholders url={Item}; where, {Item} is the property name Sync=true To open a new tab in sync mode   On the page, menu can be seen […]

Create Custom Uniconta Pages From Github Code

June 17th, 2020 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

Go to Uniconta Github To make a custom page of DebtorAccount page, navigate to Debtor/DebtorAccount.xaml and Debtor/DebtorAccount..xaml.cs to download files. (Right click on “Raw” button and click “Save Target as” or “Save as” depending on browser) Download the solution project where pages can be added and modified Note: Add licensed devexpress dlls to […]

Logging Exceptions on local machine

May 25th, 2020 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

Uniconta now supports logging of exceptions on local machine instead of server. In order to do that developer need to setup an environment variable “UnicontaLogs” with the log path.   Now while running if there is any exception in Uniconta client it will be logged to the chosen path. It will be helpful for developers […]

Open tab in Uniconta programmatically

January 29th, 2019 | API, Developers Unipedia, Plugins

You can use the following code snippet to open a new tab in Uniconta. object[] param = new object[2]; param[0] = crudApi; param[1] = null; UnicontaTabs.OpenTab(UnicontaTabs.DebtorAccountPage2, param); This can be used to open up some Uniconta tab from a plugin for example. In the example above, we open up the DebtorAccountPage2 tab.

Open new content in a IContentPluginBase plugin

December 17th, 2018 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

In an IContentPluginBase plugin, implement the SetContent method to change the content of the plugin’s tab. You may create a user control inline as seen below, but you can also create a separate User Control (WPF) control and pass that to the control.Content property instead. //summary // The SetContent method to set the content //summary public […]

Saving a Session

November 27th, 2018 | API, Developers Unipedia, Plugins

You can save a Session in Uniconta. You might want to do this, if you wish to keep a user’s Session, so they do not have to log in again. In the code beneath, two methods are showed, SaveSession and GetSession. SaveSession simply saves a Session at a given path as a byte[]. GetSession returns […]

Refreshing UI with plugins

October 2nd, 2018 | API, Developers Unipedia, Plugins

There are two different ways to refresh the UI from plugins, depending on the plugin type you are developing. The way to refresh in IContentPluginBase is the same as IPluginBase. Refreshing with IPluginBase IPluginBase plugins have the following EventHandler: public event EventHandler OnExecute; The following code snippet can be called from the method Execute(…) to refresh the […]

Debug Uniconta Plugins

October 2nd, 2018 | API, Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To debug Uniconta Plugins on the WPF client, you must download the ClickOnce Installer here. After downloading the ClickOnce installer, open up your Visual Studio project. From Visual Studio, right click your project and select the Properties menu from the dropdown. Go to the debug menu on the left hand site. Click the Start external […]

Global Script

July 19th, 2018 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To create a global script, go to Tools > Menus > User Plugin > Add   Name – Name of the script Control – MainMenu (required to use MainMenu control) Class name – Class name of the script   Then click on Add script. Below is an example of the script: Click on Save.   As per the […]

How to add user parameter in plugin menu

June 11th, 2018 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

If you like to code according to different parameters in your PageEventsBase  plugin, where param1 will do task1, and param2 will do task2 then while creating menu, add an argument UserParm Inside Plugin, code can be written like this: public override void SetUserParm(string UserParm) { /*example code to handle UserParm provided in menu*/ if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(UserParm)) return; […]

How to add filter criteria in Plugin

June 5th, 2018 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To apply filters like these using Plugin public override IEnumerable<PropValuePair> SearchFilter(IEnumerable<PropValuePair> appliedFilters) { /*example code to add own filter conditions*/ var lstFilters = new List<PropValuePair>(); var actFilter = PropValuePair.GenereteWhereElements(“Employee”, typeof(string), “ed”); if (appliedFilters != null) { lstFilters.AddRange(appliedFilters); lstFilters.Add(actFilter); } else lstFilters = new List<PropValuePair> { actFilter }; return lstFilters; }   How to add user […]

Develop a PageEventBase Plugin

April 11th, 2018 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

PageEventBase plugin is a part of Uniconta Windows API. It can be found under Uniconta.WindowsAPI.PageEventBase.cs. For performing some work on inserting, updating, deleting, validating, on property change of a record on gridbase page, create a new plugin by extending PageEventBase.cs class and overriding virtual methods described in below code snippet. //Summary // The abstract class […]

Flytning af regnskab til Univisor (revisor)

Ønsker man at Uniconta A/S skal foretage flytningen af et eller flere regnskaber over til en Univisor, skal man udfylde denne formular: Flytning af regnskab. Regnskabet overgår dermed til et kunderegnskab, hvor det kun er Univisor, der har adgang.

Flytter man selv regnskab

Flytter man selv regnskabet ved at skifte ejer på regnskabet, kan man gøre det gratis. Læs mere: Overdrag firma til Univisor
Her skal man også huske at opsige abonnementet. Dette skal ske her: Opsigelse af Uniconta abonnement