Event Handling

December 19th, 2017 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

You can handle following events from user plugin RefreshGrid SaveGrid public enum PluginEvent { RefreshGrid, SaveGrid } public class PluginEventArgs : EventArgs { public PluginEvent EventType { get; set; } } To execute the event, first instantiate PluginEventArgs and pass the EventType according to your requirement. PluginEventArgs arg = new PluginEventArgs(); arg.EventType = PluginEvent.RefreshGrid; OnExecute(null, arg);  

Synchronize Entity Support in form page

October 5th, 2017 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To open entity to the same page, create a new constructor in FormPage with SynchronizeEntity .  This will refresh the form after a new row is selected from master page grid. public FormPage(SynchronizeEntity syncEntity) :base(true, syncEntity) { InitializeComponent(); InitPage(api); } private void SetHeader() { if (editrow == null) return; var header = string.Format(“{0}:{1}”, Uniconta.ClientTools.Localization.lookup(“DebtorAccount”), editrow._Account); SetHeader(header); } […]

Adding plugin in a menu

October 3rd, 2017 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To add Plugin in Local Menu Under Tools > Local Menu Choose the Control Name where a Local menu need to be added. Control Type: Plugin Select the Plugin in Control Under Arguments, provide the form name FormName=PluginAddEditDebtor; mentioned inside plugin code public List<PluginControl> RegisterControls() { var ctrls = new List<PluginControl>(); ctrls.Add(new PluginControl() { UniqueName = “PluginAddEditDebtor”, […]

How to create plugin with Devexpress Library

September 1st, 2017 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

Download Sample File Create a new project and add Devexpress references including Uniconta’s library – ClientTools, Uniconta.Common, and Uniconta.WindowsAPI It is required to register your plugin with Uniconta applicaiton. To do that make a class and inherit IPluginControlNow inside RegisterControls function, register all the pages you create public List<PluginControl> RegisterControls() { var ctrls = new […]

How to open the contents of the tab from a Plugin

May 24th, 2017 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To be able to open content in new tab from a Plugin inherited IContentPluginBase and implement the following function. //summary // The SetContent method to set the content //summary public void SetContent(ContentControl control) { Button buttonControl = new Button() { Content=”PluginButton”, Height=25, Width=100 }; control.Content = buttonControl; } To delete the resources used in the content, the […]

How to open a form in Uniconta from Plugin

May 24th, 2017 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

To be able to open a form from plugin, the following function can be used //// Params UnicontaTabs.GL_DailyJournalLine :- (string) name of control to open //// Params currentRow :- argument to be passed for form UnicontaTabs.OpenTab(UnicontaTabs.GL_DailyJournalLine, currentRow); How to use e.g for opening DailyJournalLine form, we need to give GL_DailyJournalLine form name as a first […]

Develop a user plugin

May 24th, 2017 | Developers Unipedia, Plugins

Introduction User Plugins allow easy modification, customization and enhancement of Uniconta. It lets you easily add new functionalities without changing the core application code. Plugin Interface Plugin Interface is a part of Uniconta’s Windows API. It can be found under Uniconta.WindowsAPI > API > IPluginBase.cs Create a new plugin by implementing this interface. //Summary //Interface […]