Sweetspot: Impulse products require strong systems

If you are wondering how pick-n-mix sweets suddenly became part of your builders’ merchant products, then the explanation is probably the only two-year-old company Sweetspot. After just a few years, the young company delivers impulse products such as sweets, snacks, soft drinks and coffee to 800 stores in four countries. It requires complex specialist applications with a high degree of integration into the central financial system. The choice fell on Uniconta.

“Our business model is based on automation and development of intelligent solutions to handle our rather challenging logistics. We operate with warehouses in 4 countries, trade in 4 different currencies and should preferably be able to deliver with one day’s notice,” says Nicolai David Lund, CEO of Sweetspot, who contributes to a large extent to the development work.

“Only Navision and Uniconta could meet our complex demands. The actual acquisition and operation of the system did not make much difference, but the cost of adapting the system was much lower with Uniconta. The initial adaptations and integrations alone cost a fifth of other suppliers,” estimates Nicolai David Lund.

“At the same time, we thought that our ambitions for development and integration would be more easily understood in collaboration with another growth organization. I think that has been the case. For example, we have several times discussed issues and development tasks where Erik Damgaard himself has been involved.”

Integration everywhere

The order system integrates directly from the webshop to Uniconta. This is crucial for the daily flow, when 800 customers must be serviced by an organization of 8 employees with many other tasks than handling order receipts. Orders can be received via the web, by phone or via PDF based on automatic scanning and OCR recognition. All in all, the EDI experience is complete – and with data directly from Uniconta, current information about the day’s and week’s revenue is displayed in real time on screens, which also alerts you if the stock of a given item becomes dangerously low.

Freight and shipping are a key area for us. They are also based on automation and integration. Nicolai Lund himself has developed a tailor-made integration between the freight and delivery system Shipmondo and Uniconta. “It involves automating the shipping process, sending tracking codes etc. Although I am quite talented with a computer keyboard, it certainly also underlines that Uniconta is an open system that invites integration.”

Quality service, regardless of channel

The daily customer service is centered around the integration of the omnichannel platform Dixa and Uniconta. For inquiries by phone, e-mail or chat, the system identifies whether it is a customer. If this is the case, the system identifies the customer’s last three orders – or any outstanding orders – on the screen of the employee who receives the inquiry. “It provides a high level of service and we save wasted time on searching for the information,” says Nicolai David Lund. Overall, he believes that the ability to predict customer needs is becoming increasingly essential.

“We already use algorithms that guess what our customers need and when. Many of our customers send us ongoing sales figures, so we can ensure our shelves are restocked accordingly. Customers do not have to spend time ordering. This is handled through the collaboration between Uniconta and our other systems.”

Good advice for implementation

As Sweetspot is a company with complex requirements, they decided to make the implementation simple. First, a 1: 1 conversion of bookkeeping, operations, inventory and orders. Afterwards, integration and development of special solutions.

“Still, it took a little power from us. For example, we were not specific enough on the roles within the collaboration. Therefore, the process took longer than anticipated and some errors were discovered late. I would not choose a different platform today, but I would place more emphasis on planning and on validation along the way,” he says. Nicolai Lund conclusively underlines that he overall is happy with the collaboration between Uniconta and the implementation partner 2changeerp.