How to use Uniconta Plugin


Uniconta Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exist in Uniconta.

Uniconta Plugin Directory

A plugin dll can be added on a default Uniconta Plugin directory C:\Uniconta\PluginPath or on any custom path defined by user. To change default plugin path in registry, please follow the instructions from here

Installing Plugin

After adding a dll in Plugin Directory,

  1. Login to Uniconta
  2. Go to Tools > User Plugin
  3. Add Record
    • Control: Control Name / Page Name where Plugin will be added.
    • Name of Dll: Name of the plugin dll that application will look for in Uniconta Plugin Directory.
    • Prompt: The menu name that will be used to show your plugin. Default is “User Plugin”.
    • ClassName: The name of your class (if applicable)
    • Command: The command parameter used in Plugin Interface
    • Argument: The argument parameter used in Plugin Interface



  4. After saving, go to the control page (in our screenshot we used DebtorAccountPage2, so we go to Customer > Add New). You will find a new menu “User Menu” added on top menu. It will show a list of plugins that are associated with this page.To run your plugin all you need to do is click thereon menu button. If application isn’t able to find a dll corresponding to that then it will show an error like below

Developing a Plugin

Please go to this page to find a detailed description on how to develop a user plugin