Partner Plugin

A partner plugin is a plugin which is uploaded to Uniconta. This allows users to install the plugin without placing a dll file in the pluginpath folder manually.



To create a Partner plugin, go to Administration/Partner Plugin, and click on the ‘Add’ button to open the creation user plugin window.

Fill out the Partner Plugin form with the correct information.




The fields are as described below:

Name is the DisplayName for the plugin and is used to identify the plugin when installing it later on, which is why we highly recommended assigning it a unique name.

The date upon which the plugin was last updated. This field is automatically set to todays date.

Allows you to disable the plugin.

Select file:
Opens a file dialog window where the .dll file can be selected for upload.


A partner plugin can be shared to several companies. It only requires one version of the partner plugin, and every one everyone can use access it.


To share the Partner Plugin with several companies, you simply click on “Add” and type in the company ID and click “Save”