App fights food waste in shops and restaurants

Too Good To Go has created an app that helps consumers save food that would otherwise be thrown away. It’s good for both the environment as well as household budgets. The app now means that Shops and restaurants actually get paid for what they previously would have thrown away, resulting in a valuable contribution towards ending excessive food waste. Too Good To Go has chosen Uniconta to keep track of their finances because the enterprise resource planning system offers flexibility to their new and rapidly growing company.

”As a young company with a new business model it’s important for us to be able to customize our systems as we go along,” explains Christina B. Nielsen, head of accounting.

”Often we need to be able to  change the way we do things in order to quickly react to unforeseen business obstacles. Uniconta has proven to be very flexible, both from a technical and a financial stand point. It’s easy to make changes in the way the system is set up for us, and it’s cheaper than most other systems, I’ve worked with.”


Initially, Too Good To Go’s auditor was doing their bookkeeping in Navision, so when Christina came on board she continued to use the  Navision accounting system. ”The system was, however, not customized to our needs, so we soon began looking for alternative solutions. Someone recommended that we take a closer look at Uniconta. We found a case on how a company much like us had chosen Uniconta on their website. We talked with the company and ended up contacting their reseller, Concept Data.”

In close collaboration with Concept Data, Too Good To Go developed a solution that reads the orders directly from their back-end. The company has also integrated a plug-in payment solution to the Uniconta system which handles the payments to the shops and restaurants.

”We receive credit card payments from our consumers directly via the app. The turnover from each shop is then transferred to Uniconta. At the same time, the system creates a sales order and the invoices are sent to the shops from Uniconta. The payment solution that we developed together with Concept Data, automatically transfers the money that we owe back to our customers directly from our online bank account.”


Too Good To Go is already operating in several countries and there are more to come. It has therefore been really helpful to be able to create individual invoice formats so easily for each individual location. Uniconta also handles the accounting for our subsidiaries overseas.


”At first, there were only two of us at the company using Uniconta. Today there are five of us. Even so, we have not felt we needed more training other than the one introductory day we had, the Unipedia web manual, and our support subscription.”

When asked to point out the single greatest advantage of Uniconta, Christina B. Nielsen says:

“As daily users we find that Uniconta is very intuitive and easy to work with. We are a new company, and so our needs are always changing. We constantly have new ideas on how to reduce food waste. It is therefore important that we work in a flexible system that is easy to integrate with other solutions. We also need to avoid racking up costly fees for time spent on technically complex solutions.”

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