Breinholt Service & Montage ApS got an overview with Uniconta

A Job well done

Breinholt Service & Montage ApS needed a better overview of its business. They chose xConsulting – certified Uniconta Partner – to help them set up Uniconta to support the Breinholt Service & Montage business.

Getting started

Breinholt Service & Montage was using Microsoft Dynamics C5 and Excel, but they wanted to be able to manage the company more systematically.
The whole process began with a test migration of C5 to Uniconta, whereby the company tested Uniconta over a 3-month period, using their own migrated C5-data.

Billing was run and service notes set up etc. The test accounts were then migrated into a new, active account and Breinholt Service & Montage went live in Uniconta.

„Carrying out a long test period with our own data, before we made the final switch was an important part of our decision-making process“, says Pia Brejnholt, CFO „we were then able to go live seamlessly and continue to use all the data that we had set up during the test period „.

Order management tipped the balance

Order management was one of the most important criteria for Breinholt Service & Montage in their choice to switch to Uniconta.

The company had not had an effective order management system before, but they do now. Their servicemen receive the service notes which are generated directly from the order lines. They can keep track of subcontractors, and can easily find out the status of individual orders.

Get acquainted

Pia Brejnholt has gotten acquainted with many of the system’s processes, and has found Uniconta to be an intuitive financial management tool. She would like to make even more use of the Uniconta features, such as creating your own fields, layouts, reports etc., but is taking one thing at a time.

„I’ve never done billing myself before. Now, I bill directly from the sales order, and can make changes to hours and km, “ says Pia.

The actual accounting posts are done by and external accountant, Agerbo Accounting Service, who has been approved as a Univisor by Uniconta.

Continuous news updates

Pia Brejnholt also keeps abreast of the news that Uniconta releases in their monthly updates.
„Each time an Update is released, I quickly skim the headlines. It’s a good way to keep up with the program’s development „, concludes Pia Brejnholt.

Breinholt Service & Montage ApS

Breinholt Service & Montage ApS provides various solutions within the refrigeration and freezer space and has also started a metal workshop for their own products as well as a versatile selection of products for private companies and industries.

The company has been in business since 2007 and has 16 employees today.