From over 30,000 paper records to zero

Seven years ago, Teddy Rasmussen, owner and operations director of T R Varmeteknik, decided that the company would go 100% digital. Since then, the company’s paper archives have gone from 30,000 sheets per year to zero.

Their digital transformation initially utilized a combination of Admiral, SimPlanner (for managing the fleet of cars) as well as a large and efficient information management system called M-Files. However, for the past four years, Teddy had been on the lookout for a solution that could not only take over from Admiral, but that also had a decent warehouse and project management system, which T R Varmeteknik needs, to keep track of their current warehouse units and service cars etc.

”The solutions we looked at were either inadequate in terms of warehouse and project management, or they were based on old technology. Since our company strategy is now to be 100% digital, it was important for us that the solution was based on modern technology,” explains Teddy Rasmussen.

”It was also important for us not to have to rely on an external consultant every time we needed a new field, report or screenshot,” he continues.

An easy choice

Once Boesgård Data, an official Uniconta Partner, had introduced them to Uniconta, the choice was easy:

”It’s a really, really good and flexible financial management system that we have been waiting for, for many years. It is incredibly accessible and easy to customize to our needs with new fields, records and screenshots that are just awesome,” says Teddy. 

Warehouse and project management in Uniconta has been integrated with SimPlanner’s production management planning and fleet management. This has been done using Uniconta’s API, which ensures the 100% integration of T R Varmeteknik.

Real time data

”The integration of Uniconta with our existing systems, means that we avoid having to send batch files back and forth at the end of the day. We now have real time data, so all movements in stock, hours worked and inventory etc., is always up to date – even for our service cars,” says Teddy Rasmussen.

This means that at the end of the day, T R Varmeteknik can quickly and efficiently get an item from the warehouse to the cars or order it from the wholesaler, so it is delivered by the next morning.

”Uniconta can do so much without things getting really complicated. And since it’s so intuitive, if you have a little IT-knowledge and experience with financial management systems, it is inexpensive to get going with,” Teddy Rasmussen concludes.

T R Varmeteknik

T R Varmeteknik was founded in 2005 by Teddy Rasmussen, who had gained more than 15 years experience at Pilevang A/S. T R Varmeteknik has now taken over sales, production and service on all of Pilevangs biofuel boilers.
The company has been growing since 2005 and today has competencies in most forms of energy.

The firm’s strategy has always been to maintain high quality with good service, which has gained them many quality conscious customers with high expectations for convenience and quality at reasonable prices.