When the time came for Midtkom ApS in Viborg, Denmark, to choose a new accounting system, good communication was a key factor for them, not least because the company actually exists to electronically connect A to B. Amongst other things, the company provides radio equipment for professional cycling teams, enables truck drivers to talk to their colleagues, keeps doormen in contact with their bartenders and calls for assistance when the automatic recycling machine in the supermarket breaks down.

”As a small business with several products, reasonable pricing was key for us. But I was actually even more interested in finding a solution that provided us with good dialogue and quick support,” says managing director Benny Jacobsen.

”We came from the Winfinance solution, but our accountant suggested that we take a look at Uniconta. So we went along to an introductory course, where we got to try the system out for ourselves. It was like coming home; it’s really intuitive and easy to use.“

Efficient serial number management

Midtkom operates with thousands of inventory items and expansive stock levels because they need to be able to deliver to their customers at very short notice. Thus they require a system that can handle serial numbers efficiently. If, for example, a hauler needs all walkie talkies gradually replaced in 50 – 100 of their lorries, it is important to be able to identify each individual product and keep on top of exchanges and claims, etc.

”Uniconta was able to add the functions we needed,” explains Benny Jacobsen. ”But what was more important for us was the fact that Uniconta was actually prepared to listen to us and develop these functions. When we receive products from our vendors, we may get 2,000 units with sequential serial numbers. These could of course all be entered manually, but we took it up with Uniconta and our reseller, Concept Data, in Herning, who created an add-on program, making it possible for us to set up all of the numbers automatically. This really saved us a lot of time and also allowed us to see how well Uniconta works with other programs. „

High-level involvement

Benny was, however, perhaps most impressed that Erik Damgaard himself got involved in the process:

”In fact, he rang me up after I had spoken to their support department about our issue, to ask me personally about our problem. He listened and we had a really constructive chat – he promised to look at it and include it in the upcoming system update. For me, that really showed a willingness to understand and address the needs of small businesses too. I really felt we were being heard. „

Next steps for Midtkom

Midtkom has now invested in a complete ERP system which includes most of the modules that Uniconta offers: General Ledger, Customer, Vendor, Inventory, Orders and Purchases. In addition, Midtkom’s reseller, Concept Data has not only added the specialized serial number management program, but also Concept Data’s GLS package delivery interface.

At the moment, Midtkom uses an independent e-commerce solution, which is based on a different platform. In the long run, their goal is to integrate Uniconta with their existing solution, and Uniconta has already taken the initial steps that will enable the two solutions to talk to each other.

”We have chosen not to complicate things needlessly by having too many things going on, but it is clearly on our to-do list, „he concludes.