Kalundborg Business Council erhalten eine Komplettübersicht

Kalundborg Business Council wanted to combine their business systems into one single solution. Together with their Uniconta Partner, they chose Uniconta to achieve this.

Uniconta provides Kalundborg Business Council with an overview, not only of their finances but also of their members and the many projects that the Business Council and its members are involved in.

The Business Council switched to Uniconta from e-conomic on the finance side and from WinKompas on the member management side.

Hans Søie, Business Director at Kalundborg Business Council

For Hans Søie, there were several factors that lead them to make the switch:

“The fact that we could manage both our finances and our members within one system, and that Uniconta is constantly being developed and updated, contributed to our choice”, explains Hans Søie:

“Uniconta’s flexibility and creativity was another factor. We got the chart of accounts set up to work with several dimensions, so now, instead of setting up several new accounts for each project, we can use the same account with different dimensions for each different project”, he continues.

“The finance function transfer from e-conomic to Uniconta was simple and easy. The fact that we can just scan physical attachments directly into Uniconta, is a huge relief for us in our daily work”, Hans Søie concludes.

The Business Council uses an external accountant, a Uniconta Univisor, for their daily bookkeeping. Kontorclipsen has now been approved as a ‘Univisor’, which gives them access to Uniconta training and support.

Kalundborg Business Council

Kalundborg Business Council is an independent Business Council in ongoing development, with a membership of nearly 500 member companies, organizations and individuals.

The Business Council’s goal is to create the best framework for the continued development of the Kalundborg region, based on the area’s specific conditions and business structure, as well as to promote business and employment in the area.