Add-on solutions and users

Client and server solutions, users and Odata access

Client solution and standard users

The client solution logons to Uniconta through a Uniconta  standard user login. In this case the add-on only delivers/extract data for this user. The client solution requires an active Uniconta Standard user as a minimum.

A standard user can primarily be used to run solutions that are either run as a plugin inside Uniconta or solutions created via Odata. However, see OData below.

Standard user covers all packages, i.e. Standard, Business, Enterprise and Univisor.

Server solution and server users (server-login)

The server solution logons to Uniconta through one Uniconta login from another device/unit, which delivers/extract data for/from several employees, user or devices. The server solution requires a specific Uniconta server user for the sole purpose.

A server user is used to run solutions that only retrieve and/or send data into/out of Uniconta without a user being logged on.

These are typically solutions where several users need the same content or automated processes such as invoice scanning.

A server user can be used for several different server solutions for the same customer, but not the same solution for several different customers. Here, each customer must have their own server user.

Odata access

More and more customers are using Odata to process data from Uniconta. This also means increased performance load on our servers. Therefore, there is a price for standard users who use Odata, which comes on top of the price for the user himself. If your solution runs via Odata, this can also be run on a server user. This gives the advantage that you only have to pay once if you have several users running OData, as opposed to above, where each individual user has to pay extra for Odata access.

Extended server calls

To ensure that Uniconta runs as optimally as possible, we continuously have a process that checks how many times in 24 hours a user calls Uniconta’s servers. The reason is that too many calls slow down all users.

Uniconta’s standard packages include 5,000 calls per user per day. Of these 5,000, Uniconta itself uses approx. 250 calls per day, so there are many opportunities to develop and utilize Uniconta further.

You can read here how to optimize your solutions:

Access to a maximum of 75,000 calls

There is a price at Uniconta if you develop a solution that requires more than 5,000 calls per day in the form of greater server capacity and additional administration, but since we do not want to close these solutions, we have decided that all users , standard as a server, can be purchased with extended server calls, which gives access to a maximum of 75,000 server calls per day.

Read more about how to check how many server calls per day your supplementary solution uses here:

Flytning af regnskab til Univisor (revisor)

Ønsker man at Uniconta A/S skal foretage flytningen af et eller flere regnskaber over til en Univisor, skal man udfylde denne formular: Flytning af regnskab. Regnskabet overgår dermed til et kunderegnskab, hvor det kun er Univisor, der har adgang.

Flytter man selv regnskab

Flytter man selv regnskabet ved at skifte ejer på regnskabet, kan man gøre det gratis. Læs mere: Overdrag firma til Univisor
Her skal man også huske at opsige abonnementet. Dette skal ske her: Opsigelse af Uniconta abonnement