Download samples for development

Remember to recompile the project after downloading the latest API version from Nuget

Create plugin

Create plugin with Devexpress Library Sample.

Migration tool

Please download a sample of Uniconta Migration tool.

Sample OData Client

Sample client project with code explaining how odata crud operations can be performed.

Sample Uniconta Web using

Sample code for Uniconta Web built using ASP.NET.

Sample Xamarin Form for Android and iOS

Please download Sample Xamarin Form to quickly build native apps for iOS and Android.

Sample to create a page from UserTable

Sample project showing how to create pages from user table generated class.

Sample Windows Universal App

Sample code for Windows Universal App to build application for Windows Tablet and Windows phone 10.

Sample WPF Application for Uniconta

Please download Uniconta Sample Application (built in WPF) that gives you an idea of how to build your own application.

Fetching data using RAM

This code shows how a table is retrieved from Uniconta and saved in Memory (RAM), whereby the RAM data is used as a look-up library, providing quicker access rather than constantly pulling on the server.

Sample to query UserTable and UserData in .NetStandard2.1

Sample project showing how to query usertable and its data using Uniconta .NetStandard2.1 library.