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ABOUT US | Erik Damgaard is the Software Engineer and Founder of Uniconta

Erik Damgaard is the Software Engineer and Founder of Uniconta. His thirty years’ experience in the development of globally acknowledged accounting systems and his flagship of the well-known Dynamics AX at Microsoft establishes him as one of the most reputed experts in his field.

In 2002, Microsoft acquired Damgaard’s software, which became a central part of the Microsoft product proposal for ERP and business applications.

One of Damgaard’s key goals while developing software was to make it accessible and simple for the user while maintaining the highest technological development and business practicality. For this reason, Uniconta is built on a straightforward system comprising the all-essential tools and core functionalities of a working application within a modern and customisable Microsoft front and back-end environment.

A combination of software development skills and a commercial understanding of system architecture makes Uniconta the revolutionising new business and ERP solution.