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Uniconta API

To understand the power of Uniconta API, we provide a small brief on how it has been built.

At the beginning stage of development, the Uniconta Server was developed without any user interface. It had the only facilities to search, add, edit or delete the data. Various functions were written subsequently to perform operations like posting a daily journal, updating invoices etc.

All these functions now can be accessed via Uniconta API that is a .NET Portable Framework

Our Uniconta web based Client is also built to use all these functions through Uniconta API only. And for further development, we have also provided this API to you.

Visual Studio from Microsoft can be used to build applications for Windows server, PC & mobile.

Also, Xamarin Studio can be used to build applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Windows Phone.

To use the Uniconta API you will need your own Uniconta APP identifier. Please find below form to apply for Uniconta APP ID:

Apply for a Uniconta API developer key by using below form:

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