Individual customization for tailor-made tarpaulins

”Specialized, specialized, specialized” is how Sækko Tarpaulins describes the majority of their company’s production of tailor-made canvas, tarpaulins for trucks, shelters and everything and anything that keeps the wind and rain out. However, Sækko also sells a wide range of standard products for outdoor events and parties. Their combination of specialized production by order and standard goods was just one of the challenges that Sækko came up against when it was time to replace their old AS400 financial system.

”We were after overall looking for simplicity, transparency and a clear overview. It was also crucial to us that our new solution was in the cloud,” explains managing director Kristian Hansen. ”We had three systems presented to us and we reviewed them all thoroughly. The first, (Navision) was quickly rejected due to the price and we ended up choosing Uniconta out of the two remaining options.”

It was a natural time for Sækko Tarpaulins to switch systems, since they had just been separated from another company. Their old AS400 system was becoming a bit of an “old lady” who was having trouble keeping up. ”Our old girl had a black screen with white text and DOS commands all over the place – she was way past her expiry date, ”  Kristian Hansen smiles, who no longer hears complaints from the finance and accounting department.

The big challenge

At the same time as converting to Uniconta, the company was also implementing a new time registration system. So it was a complex exercise at all levels. ”Fortunately, Uniconta is a very flexible system, so the transition was relatively painless,” Kristian Hansen says. ”The interaction between us and Uniconta was good from the outset and the challenges have, of course, been handled well both by our reseller, 2doit, and Uniconta themselves. It is absolutely crucial for us that production management, registration of both expected and actual hours, and financial management are closely linked. We really need to be able to plan and organize every order carefully, given our large number of productions orders. “

Flexible Invoices

Since almost all deliveries of our tailor-made products consist of several individual materials, just getting the invoicing right can be a challenge in itself. ”On the one hand, we need to have a full overview of the original materials included in each individual product (so we really need to keep track of every item of inventory as well as our purchases). On the other hand, we do not want to burden our customers with endless lists of all the bits and bobs we use in the production. So it is really great for us to be able to tailor our lists and invoices to suit both us and our customers.”

Kristian Hansen and the rest of the organization are pleased to have chosen Uniconta and they look forward to lots of improvements in the future.  ”If there is a function we need, or a minor error has snuck in, Uniconta deals with it quickly. Uniconta really is very responsive” Kristian Hansen concludes.