Plugging the software gap between hopeless and preposterous

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Why Uniconta?

The business software market has become highly polarised in the last year, offering a rash of inexpensive but under-performing single-user systems and a few richly-featured but super-expensive enterprise ERP systems – and not much choice in between for the SME.


How Uniconta Fits in the UK Market

Uniconta offers a flexible, intuitive financial system which comes with fully-customisable features and optional extensions, keeping the price low – users only pay for the stuff they need. It provides a simple and powerful cloud solution offering effortless business management. Best of all, it is delivered with business-ready accelerators that help get your customer up and running with a few hours.



Uniconta is a cloud-based integrated business management solution that operates through a small app on the desktop. The app manages the GUI and a local cache, giving a very fast application. Data and processing are managed in the cloud and data can also be backed up locally as CSV files.


User-Configurable Interface

New tables, fields and forms can be added to Uniconta, and fields can be moved and removed on forms. Standard data can be combined with these extensible fields and tables and process can be added and run using API plug-ins.


Automatic Updates

Updates are implemented automatically (about once a month).



Expandable Module

Uniconta’s expandable module set ensures that customers only pay for the features that are important to them. Uniconta hits the SME functional sweet-spot with fully integrated Financials, Inventory (including manufacturing), SOP, POP, Projects and CRM modules all ready to use from £12-36 per user per month.


Network of Professional Partners

A wide network of Uniconta resellers and ISVs have written a large number of plugins that help you tailor Uniconta to individual industries. The UK National distributor is ready to support you at every step of the way to building your Uniconta practice.


Learn more about becoming a reseller.


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