Charities and non-profit organisations

INDUSTRIES | Charities and non-profit organisations

Uniconta is perfectly suited for use by charities and non-profit organisations.

No server hardware required.

Uniconta is a cloud based solution with no operational hardware requirements.

All you need is a Windows PC and an internet connection.

Our UK charity template company is ready to use out of the box.

The template includes:

  • Non-profit style chart of accounts and posting setup
  • Gift aid recovery and reporting using the standard tax engine
  • Fund separation capability for ring-fenced grants and income
  • Ready to use finance reports, including income and expenditure accounting

The simple-to-use CRM and customer modules provide a GDPR-compliant method to maintain donor lists:

  • Gift aid opt-in data history
  • Automatic renewal of subscriptions and regular donations
  • Management of direct debit payment collections
  • Creation of mailing lists and follow-up actions from CRM records

For charity shops and food banks:

  • Stock management capability with sequential internal item codes
  • Requisitions, purchase orders and goods receiving process
  • EAN code recognition with batch expiry capability
  • Integrated POS module available
  • Stock valuation and adjustments

For social product distribution and manufacturing enterprises:

  • Sales order processing with variable price lists
  • Delivery note and invoice production to paper or PDF email documents
  • Bills of material (flat or multi-level)
  • Simple kitting and make-to-order
  • Works orders
  • Back to back purchase orders (from sales orders)

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