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Uniconta works well for the large enterprise when business processes are sound and best practise is followed for standard processes.  Most enterprise-scale businesses exhibit multiple routes to market and trading styles.  For example, an enterprise may operate a distribution arm and also offer services to maintain the distributed product.  Uniconta fits these multi-channel scenarios without costing the earth.  This means that the software will cope with multiple revenue streams and additional trading styles as you expand and diversify.

Our Enterprise medium business template company is ready to use out of the box.

The template includes:

  • An expanded chart of accounts with UK GAAP compliant P&L and balance sheet headings, accounts and totals.
  • Preconfigured VAT set up for UK VAT rates, product, customers and suppliers
  • Generic groupings for prospects, customers, suppliers, products, BoMS and projects to support segmented reporting when you need it.
  • Ready to use finance reports, including P&L and balance sheet with comparatives
  • Dimensionalised reporting to provide client and product profitability reporting capability.
  • Business dashboards for instant KPI monitoring

Recommended services

  • Using our enterprise template will give you a configured system, which only requires input of your master data to start trading.
  • If you need some help with this data load, security settings and report configuration, we offer a tailored implementation project support package.  Please see our services pricing page for details.

Please see the full list of available business functions here.

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