CRM | Get the most out of Uniconta with the CRM-module

Take your prospective customers to the next level with our CRM system. The CRM-module in our ERP system offers you the best tools to manage your leads and take them and your business to the next level. With so many dimensions of information that can be linked to both existing and prospective customers, Uniconta puts its users in a better position to target their activities towards their customers’ needs and areas of interest.

Take your prospective customers to the next level with our CRM module.


Both detailed and manageable prospect information

Once you enter a new prospective customer into the CRM module, you will gradually want to link more and more information to the customer. That’s why our prospective customer list allows our users to link offers to the prospect, enter contacts, perform systematic follow up and add documents and notes.

Also, once a prospective customer becomes a customer, all of their historic information stays in their profile. So the relevant data and associated documents, offers and contacts etc. will remain in the customer’s profile as they become a new customer.

Link interests and products

The CRM module allows our users to create lists that categorize prospective customers, current customers and other contacts by their interests and products.

This makes it easy to target your activities and marketing campaigns according to the company’s needs and requests. So the messages sent are tailored to the particular challenges that a given customer group or branch is up against. When searching or creating e-mail lists, the user can then filter by products and interests.


Campaigns can be used to support interests and products, for example, This is where our users can also set up and save specific e-mail lists.

They can then follow up and add notes to prospects. The campaign can target prospective customers and customers as well as other contacts.

Ideal solution for sales representatives out in the field

Uniconta WebPortal is an ideal solution for sales representatives out in the field.

Your sales reps can create new sales orders at lightning speed as well as monitor total revenue from customers, outstanding balances and other developments.

Everything is updated online, so the bookkeeping is up-to-date too.

Uniconta WebPortal allows you to create sales orders, purchase orders, financial accounts, debtors and creditors and last but not least, to take photos and scan in attachments directly to Uniconta’s inbox.

What can our CRM-system do?

  • Add Documents and Notes
  • Link quotes to prospects
  • Prospective customers
  • CRM prospects have a “Customer group” field
  • Prospect follow-up
  • Direct national company number look up
  • Campaigns can target prospective customers, customers, and contacts
  • Support interests and products to be used in campaigns
  • Create lists to categorize prospective customers, customers and contacts by interests and products
  • Create specific email lists that can be saved for follow-up
  • Enter contact details for prospective customers
  • Filter by interest and product when searching and creating e-mail lists
  • Email lists can now also search vendors
  • Automatically follow-up with all prospects included in a search
  • Collective list of customers and prospects in the CRM module
  • Customers and prospects on the same screen
  • “Other fields” can be included in mailing lists
  • Follow-ups now also show the quotation number and when it was last updated.
  • Post codes have 12 characters
  • Users can now send e-mails from the CRM-module. E-mail lists could already be created in the module but they can now also be sent. Upon sending e-mails, Uniconta is also able to automatically create a follow up activity

What is CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system therefore helps companies to manage their customer relations and the data that is linked to each customer or prospect.

There are many reasons why a CRM system is useful. Here are some of them:

  • Quick and easy access to all data for each customer
  • Send specific offers to customers
  • Add contact persons to the customer
  • Set up both systematic and automatic follow-ups
  • Add Documents and Notes

Efficient management overview

Uniconta’s accounting system comes with a CRM module. All customer data can be linked to this module to create an overview of the customers history. If the customer’s company number is available, then Uniconta will automatically look it up in the national company register (for example, CVR number in Denmark) and enter it into the CRM system.

The CRM module also allows our users to categorize their customers by type, interest and product. This allows you to target your marketing activities towards a specific type of customer, increasing both the accuracy and efficiency of your marketing.

Integrate your campaigns with Uniconta

Uniconta’s accounting system allows you to set up campaigns in the form of email lists. This function can be used to send e-mails to a specific target group. It’s quick and easy.

The email lists are also integrated with the CRM module, customers and contacts. This means that you don’t have to review all three modules to create a complete campaign list.

An ERP system tailored to your business

As with all modules in Uniconta’s accounting system, the CRM module is highly flexible. There are lots of ways to add, classify and filter customer data. We know how important it is for your accounting system to be tailored precisely to your business’ needs. Our users therefore get an accounting system that is customized to their current needs. If needs change in the future, then the system can just be re-tailored.

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