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Irrespective of the size of your enterprise, Uniconta offers big-package functions such as projects with sub-project hierarchies and time recording at modest prices.

The Uniconta projects module provides lets you manage project-based services in several different trading styles.

Projects can operate in order-based mode, where project quotations are constructed as order-line based products and services.  These are bought in using the back-to-back order feature and sold to the customer through a project sales order. 

Projects can also operate on a fixed-price or time and material basis, where timesheets, bough-in services, expenses and material consumption is booked using project journals and billed on a line-by-line or fixed price basis.

In either case, the project acts like a WIP ledger or job-bag, capturing ongoing work as a WIP balance in the general ledger and allowing revenue recognition on unbilled WIP.  The Project Module provides an effective job profitability function and offers concise estimating and variance reporting functions.

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