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Uniconta Windows Dashboard er sjálfstætt greiningartól. Aðgangur Uniconta Windows Dashboard krefst þess að notandi sé uppsettur í Uniconta.

Uniconta Mælaborð

Innbyggður stuðningur (enska)

DevExpress Dashboard ships with built-in support for over a dozen database engines and a straightforward data binding wizard so you can specify the database of your choice, select series of tables or views, and join them together to instantly visualize content using elegant UI elements.

Drill-Down (enska)

Interested in the interaction of an argument within a dashboard element across the entire set? This functionality is available in mere seconds. In addition to inter-item filtering, a single dashboard element can also provide a window to data locked within its own confines by using the item's drill-down features.

Síun (enska)

Each dashboard UI element used within a dashboard can instantly provide additional insights into your data. Dashboard elements can filter by series, arguments, and even cross filter data from other sources. These filters (activated using a single click) allow the UI element itself to control the set of data visualized across the entire dashboard.

Útbúa mælaborð

This video shows you how to create a dashboard designer and then use it to set up a dashboard.

Mælaborð fyrir vef og spjaldtölvur

Creating powerful dashboards is an essential business skill. In this webinar, see how to create and lay out an informative dashboard complete with filtering and drill down. Also, learn how to prepare the dashboard for consumption on both the web and tablet devices!

Meiri upplýsingar um Uniconta mælaborð

Master Filtering

The DevExpress Dashboard allows you to use any data aware dashboard item as a filter for other dashboard items (Master Filter). End-users can select elements in a Master Filter item (grid records, chart bars, pie segments, etc.) to filter data in other dashboard items by the selected values

Top N

To focus on a smaller portion of a large amount of your Dashboard data for in-depth analysis, you can limit the number of field values to the specified number of topmost values according to the sort order.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting allows you to highlight cells/rows based on specified criteria without writing a single line of code. Cells/rows can be highlighted with data bars, icons and predefined color scales.

Calculated Fields

The DevExpress Dashboard allows you to create calculated fields and apply complex expressions to data source fields. You can create calculated fields at three levels:

  • Underlying
  • Summary
  • Intermediate

Summaries & Data Aggregates

Build-in summary function types include:

  • Average
  • Count / Count Distinct
  • Max / Min
  • Median
  • Mode
  • StdDev / StdDevp
  • Sum
  • Var / Varp


  • The Dashboard control viewer can now take a ’dashboard’ as an argument as well as open a dashboard directly if users create their own menus
  • Dashboard includes a standard report: “Uniconta std. Company key figures”. This shows the company’s key figures provided that the correct account types have been selected in the chart of accounts. See our standard company chart of accounts to see which account types will need to be selected for each account.

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