Uniconta Update version 89

Release date May 22, 2022

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Uniconta naujinimas 84

Išleidimo data: 2020 m. kovo 15 d. Raidinės ir skaitinės reikšmės tiekėjų SF numeriuose. Dabar galima naudoti raides, ne tik skaičius, tiekėjo SF numeriuose. Senasis stulpelis, kuriame rodomas SF numeris be raidžių, vis dar yra (siekiant išlaikyti suderinamumą su senomis SF). T. y. šis SF laukas leižiantis raidines ir skaitines reikšmes yra visiškai naujas laukas. […]

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John's Automotive Paint

John’s Automotive Paint: Greater focus on customers

John’s Automotive Paint: Greater focus on customers Time, as you know, is money. Especially when the company owner is standing alongside three employees, with the automotive paint gun in hand, when the workshop is busy. This is the case for John Zeinoun, who owns John’s Automotive Paint located in Amager, Denmark. The numerous hours he […]

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Falsing A/S: Effective integration of all systems

Falsing’s old ERP system was no longer updated, and regardless, the company needed to develop their systems to match their growth. The choice fell on Uniconta because of its ability to collaborate with the other IT systems within the company

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Talmennesker: Auditing and consulting without filters

“We quickly realized that we spoke the same language and felt confident that we had a common starting point. This involved both the flexibility and ease of use of the system itself, but also the responsiveness and forthcoming attitude we met with our contact.”

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Uniconta Update 83

Release Date: November 24, 2019 Physical Vouchers has been improved on several levels Inbox folders We have added folders to the inbox. Users can drag the physical vouchers from the main list into these inboxes before they are posted to the journals (and thereby removed from the inbox). It is possible to show or hide […]

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Uniconta Update 82

Release Date September 15, 2019 Accruals for subscription revenue The order module allows users to set up an order to be re-invoiced after a given period of time. This can, for example, be used for invoicing subscriptions. Version 82 now allows users to set up an accruals profile here (just as in our general journals) […]

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Uniconta atnaujinimas 81

Išleidimo data: 2019 m. gegužės 29 d. Įkelkite (“Drag & Drop”) failus į žurnalo kvitus Jau dabar įmanoma perkelti (paversti) gautuosius dokumentus į faktinius kvitus, įskaitant ir elektroninius laiškus tiesiogiai iš Outlook. Jei vartotojas norėtų perkelti elektroninį laišką turintį prisegtą priedą, tai jis tai gali atlikti lengvai perkeldamas tik laišką ir atvirkščiai. Šis funkcionalumas gali […]

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Uniconta Update 80

Release date March 10, 2019 User profiles User profiles can now be restricted in terms of which menu items the individual users are permitted to see. There is a new menu item ’Profiles’ under Company/User rights. One or more user profiles can be created here. Enter the pages that the profile should have access to […]

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Uniconta Update 79

Release date January 13, 2019 Uniconta Time – Time registration module for project Uniconta Time is an addition to Uniconta’s project module and is designed to register employee time sheets, track work-in-progress and perform billing. The module allows users to set up standard calendars and price matrices for each employee and register employee hours as […]

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Flytning af regnskab til Univisor (revisor)

Ønsker man at Uniconta A/S skal foretage flytningen af et eller flere regnskaber over til en Univisor, skal man udfylde denne formular: Flytning af regnskab. Regnskabet overgår dermed til et kunderegnskab, hvor det kun er Univisor, der har adgang.

Flytter man selv regnskab

Flytter man selv regnskabet ved at skifte ejer på regnskabet, kan man gøre det gratis. Læs mere: Overdrag firma til Univisor
Her skal man også huske at opsige abonnementet. Dette skal ske her: Opsigelse af Uniconta abonnement