Falsing: Effective integration of all systems

A number of invoices have been written since the plumbing business Falsing A/S in Gentofte, Denmark was founded in 1948. The original company stands strong and has been supplemented by two online trading companies: Complete Plumbing, which sells plumbing components, and Complet Living, who offer designer furniture and home accessories to online-shoppers. The two webshops, created in 2008 and 2014, turning over 50 million DKK combined and have thus overtaken the parent company. Growth places new demands on financial management, so today Uniconta keeps track of the approximately 30,000 purchase and sales invoices per year.

“Our old ERP system was no longer updated, and regardless we needed to develop the systems to match our growth,” explains Kim Falsing, proprietor and third generation of the plumbing dynasty. Several business associates recommended Uniconta and Kim Falsing ended up addressing Onzite, a Uniconta partner. “A convincing and professional presentation was the definitive factor for choosing Uniconta. Short time after we began the transition where they provided the training needed to get started.”

Integration between systems

One of Kim Falsing’s most crucial requirements was Uniconta’s ability to collaborate with the other IT systems within the company. “We were interested in using electronic invoice transfers, streamlining our time registration and automating our processes in general,” he says.

“For example, in our gas department we have four running service engineers to service the 4,000 customers who have a gas service subscription for their natural gas boiler. To manage service scheduling, time tracking, reporting of each service visit and much more, they use Smartday, which is fully integrated with Uniconta. This means, for example, the installer’s comments on the next visit, photos of repairs etc. are transferred to Uniconta, which has a unique function, so the company can save all types of documents and comments in connection with the customer. This saves time and ensures a higher level of service when the customer receives another service check, invoicing or returns items.”

Another reason for choosing Uniconta was that the ERP system had to be cloud-based, due to the strict IT-security and back-up requirements and also because being cloud-based offers advantages with systems integration and remote working.

Simple and user-friendly

Creating an overview was also a top priority on Kim Falsing’s list of what his systems should be able to do. He is a certified plumber and has never set foot in a business school. Even though he currently is the director of four different companies, he does not need more numbers than necessary. He believes it should be easily accessible, simple and user-friendly.

“It’s Uniconta. One can easily – even without being an accountant – present a balance for the month, see the key figures and development. It is also wonderfully straightforward to compare a period with the same period last year, or with a completely different period.”

The most important thing on the list is perhaps the future. The two e-commerce companies are booming, and Kim Falsing expects to double revenue over the course of five years. In addition to this, it is plausible that new companies may appear.

The Future Secured

“That’s why it’s important for us to collaborate with visionary people who make value for the money. For example, the ability within data management will become crucial to us. It is critical for business that our IT-systems stay in tact with the future and keep up with the demands. I strongly believe that Uniconta will do that. On a daily basis, we experience great responsiveness and willingness from Uniconta to adapt their products to the needs and requirements of users.”

Internally, the future has also been prepared for the family business. Kim Faling’s daughter, Cecilie, is the fourth generation responsible for web development and marketing. One may be tempted to say that the integration is complete.

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