John's Automotive Paint: Greater focus on customers

Time, as you know, is money. Especially when the company owner is standing alongside three employees, with the automotive paint gun in hand, when the workshop is busy. This is the case for John Zeinoun, who owns John’s Automotive Paint located in Amager, Denmark. The numerous hours he saves by outsourcing administration and billing to Uniconta are directly converted into more newly painted cars on the streets.

“Every hour saved on administration, I can spend on delivering more and higher quality to my clients,” says John Zeinoun. One of the company’s larger customers is AutoNord, a dealership with four car brands that supplies car fleets to a variety of businesses. As an example, John’s Automotive Paint ensures that many of PostNord’s vans are painted in just the right blue colour.

John's Autolakering

Improved conditions

The company previously utilized a well-functioning Dynamics C5 system, which operated decently. John wished to further optimize workflow at the workshop and found the ppg-ProcessManager system was able to deliver just that. However, the software could not be integrated with C5. The choice therefore stood between paying for an integration solution or choosing a new system already prepared for integration. By recommendation from Endsearch, he chose the last one – Uniconta.

“I haven’t regretted it for a second,” says John Zeinoun. “Of course, the integration feature was a positive factor, but Uniconta also provides a more modern and flexible system to work with on a daily basis. Overall, I believe it’s easier, and I save a minimum of 8-10 hours weekly compared to before. Especially my billing has become much simpler.”

Billing on customer's premises

Zeinoun’s customers are also content when receiving their invoices, as they want them – at the same time.

John uses a feature in Uniconta that simplifies updating large sales orders for billing. Endsearch has made integration so that large customers with many tasks do not have to receive an email with each invoice. Instead, a setup manages the customer card, so a PDF invoice is stored on the hard drive instead of an OIO invoice. These selected customers then receive only one email that collects all invoices.

All necessary data is automatically transferred from ppg-ProcessManager via an import button in the sales order module. This is straightforward, says John, who also appreciates how much easier it has been to keep track of prices and discounts.

Control the discounts

“In Uniconta, I can set price agreements for each customer and order. It saves a great deal of time, so the entire process runs almost automatically. It also adds to the assurance that customers always get the right discounts on our various services. It definitely saves me some unnecessary discussions and gives a higher ratio of satisfied customers,” says John Zeinoun.

He has no doubt that a good ERP system is one that supports the business with efficient workflow and creates new opportunities for good customer service and increased earnings.

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