Talmennesker: Auditing and consulting without filters

As the name suggests, Talmennesker is a Danish audit firm that stands out from the crowd. The ambition to build a new company based on own values and competences was the main factor that in 2018 ensured Carsten Lie and Lars Danmark B. Bruun a combined industry experience of 40 years. The new company in Nørresundby has around 20 employees and serves 650 customers. Of these, 250 accounting customers are served through Uniconta.


Based on the person behind the digits, the philosophy was to work at eye level with the customer. This was obtained through daily feedback in the business and delivering transparent services. Along the way, it turned out that their ambition for accessibility led directly to the choice of Uniconta as the financial system and platform for the company.

Yet, the company was not directly led to the Uniconta-solution, Carsten Lie explains. “Originally, we had decided on a so-called industry solution for auditors based on the C5-system we already knew. It turned out that the C5-solution was everything we did not want to be – heavy, complex and opaque. We searched for alternatives and established contact with Uniconta. We quickly realized that we spoke the same language and felt confident that we had a common starting point. This involved both the flexibility and ease of use of the system itself, but also the responsiveness and forthcoming attitude we met with our contact. Here, things could actually be achieved.”

A speedy start

With constant communication with Talmennesker, action was taken quickly and efficiently. They bought themselves out of the industry solution and began with Uniconta. Almost without introduction and teaching, they threw themselves into the new system. They confidently believed that skilled and professional staff was simply a matter of getting hands-on in a hurry.

“And it worked. After a month of using Uniconta, we gathered everyone for a course day. We were long past basic beginner questions and could concentrate on digging deeper into the advanced areas of the solution where the opportunities to customize and differentiate our product to customers lay. With a few minor adjustments with consultation from Uniconta, the implementation went beyond all expectations,” explains Anders Rasmussen, who is an accountant, but also responsible for the technical part of the systems at Talmennesker.

Tm solutions - service as needed

Talmennesker offers four different services, and as a customer you choose which one suits your needs, explains Lars Danmark Bruun. The first is business service with bookkeeping assistance, payroll administration, etc., which can take place both with customers or with Talmennesker. The second is accounting and tax returns with the auditor’s statement as needed. The third is an owner-to-owner consultancy, which focuses on the company’s key figures, period reporting, financing structure, business development etc. Finally, the fourth is private finance, which contains wealth overview, security in the family and personal priorities.

“In each service we see great importance in delivering value and a high degree of integrity. It is first and foremost created by skilled and dedicated employees, but also by systems that help simplify rather than complicate. With that aspect in mind, Uniconta has proven to be the perfect match for us. It is intuitive, user-friendly and it is easy to customize the system exactly to the individual task or customer. Furthermore it suits us with systems that are simple and easily explained to the people behind the figures,” Lars Denmark B. Bruun underlines.


Where do they see the benefits?

Carsten Lie emphasizes that Uniconta is transparent and provides professional services at moderate costs. “It is easy to buy into, because you have a solid platform developed based on immense experience within the field. In this way, Uniconta is in sharp contrast to the more industry-specific solutions, where you basically buy yourself into a large development project with no foreseeable future. At the same time, Uniconta is an agile organization, so if you want customization, it’s easy to get someone to listen.”

Anders Rasmussen points to a support function that is geared to act when needed. “It’s easy to find great faceless support features that offer long courses, instruction and manuals. As professional ‘number crunchers’, this is rarely what we need. It is far more significant to us that help is obtained when an acute problem arises. Uniconta is the answer.”

Talmennesker have chosen to become a Univisor, so that they can advise other companies based on their experience of Uniconta.

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