Create and maintain general company information, contacts, and employees

The company module is used to create and maintain general company information, contacts, and employees.
In addition, users can manage user rights for individual users or groups of users.

Company access

In order to grant other users access to your company, they must first set up a user profile. The user must then be given access to the accounts and granted the applicable rights.

There are several ways to grant access:

  • Add the user to the list of users who have access to the accounts (this can only be done by the owner of the company).
  • The user submits a request, which is then approved by the owner.
Add user

Only the owner of the company can grant users access to their company accounts. The owner of the accounts can be found under Company/Company Information.

Request Access

Another way to gain access to a set of accounts is to request it.

Log field changes in master data

Log field changes in master data creates a log when a user changes master data.

Default values for fields and dialog elements

Uniconta has a general system for determining default values for each field. There is a small arrow in the dialog box header, which users can click on to set default values.
Standard lists also allow the user to set default values as well as to determine whether they are mandatory or not.

User profiles to restrict access

User profiles can be restricted in terms of which menu items the individual users are permitted to see. 
One or more user profile templates can be created. Enter the pages that the profile should have access to or should not have access.
The check box on the profile, determines whether you are creating a list of the pages that the user is to have access to or whether this is a list of pages that the user should be excluded from. 

Company module functions

  • Manage user rights
  • Create users from the windows client via Wizards
  • Access a set of demo accounts
  • Ensure ’privacy’
  • Block access so only the company’s own users can see data
  • Set preferences/default values
  • Make a full copy of a company
  • Specify under ‘Company information’ whether you want Uniconta to attempt to auto-match customer/vendor transactions
  • Configure application functionality to turn features on or off for each set of company accounts
  • Determine whether or not Uniconta should check EAN numbers under ‘Preferences’ in the Company module
  • Set up employees
  • Create employee groups
  • Login-Id is listed on the employee card
  • Employee list toolbar includes a ’Physical Vouchers (Inbox)’ button so the user can see the vouchers that each employee needs to approve
  • Group notes
  • Create a set of accounts with standard settings and grant or deny different users access to the Company module
  • Bank name on the company directory
  • Deletion confirmation, where users can set their profile up to require a confirmation that the deletion should be carried out
  • Approval e-mails sent from your own server
  • Use Outlook to send E-mails
  • Custom currency rates now have 10 decimal places
  • Remove pages by user
  • If ’Auto save’ is selected on a user profile, Uniconta will now automatically save when the user navigates away from Uniconta
  • Upon printing, Uniconta offers choices for font type and size. Users can now also select ’Row height’ and ’Show Lines’ to show grid lines. These settings are useful for users who wish to leave space to write notes on the print out, for example a stock counting list
  • E-mail setup in the company menu has attachment and notes enabling it for making email broadcasts.


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  • Needs integration with other systems
  • Will run Uniconta by default but needs sparring or tuition

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