Complete management of your Fixed Assets

Makes it easy to monitor and manage the assets throughout their life cycle.

Fixed Assets is designed to give companies an overview of their fixed assets, and makes it easy to monitor and manage the assets throughout their life cycle.

The fixed assets module is integrated with the Finance journals, so that the fixed assets directory is automatically updated with cost values, depreciation, losses, gains and sales values when these amounts are posted in the financial records.


Depreciation calculation

You can generate depreciation directly from the overview, so you avoid doing it manually on each individual asset. At the same time, lines are automatically formed in the journal so you can see which depreciations are ready to be posted. When the journal is posted, the depreciation is recorded on the individual fixed assets, and the total depreciation value in the overview is updated.

Avoid manual Excel sheets

In the finance journal, you can enter which fixed asset and what type of posting you are dealing with. When you post the purchase, the overview in the module is updated automatically, so you always have an updated overview of postings, purchase date and value of your fixed assets.

Overview of insurance values

On the Asset Protection, you can define different insurance information for the individual assets. If you enter insurance values, you can see the total sum insured of all assets at the bottom of the overview. In this way, you have quick access to the correct insurance information, and you can regularly check that your fixed assets are properly insured.

Complete overview of
Fixed Assets

You always have an overview of your fixed assets, including the value and date of purchase, depreciation, the book value, scrap value, lifespan, depreciation method and asset groups. If an employee resigns, you have the option of delimiting, so you in the overview can see and keep track of which assets the employee needs to hand over.

System-generated statements of Fixed Assets

In the module, it is possible to generate a statement for a given period. In this statement, you can see fixed assets for the selected period, opening balance, increase, disposal, depreciation, book depreciation, and the book value.

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