General Ledger

Complete financial management of your business

Uniconta’s General Ledger module enables our users to maintain total financial management of their business. The functionality is top-notch for users that need to create reports and monitor the overall economics of their company.

The General Ledger module is available for all kinds of companies, associations and institutions; large and small, complex as well as basic. It contains all the necessary tools to post transactions, report and monitor a company’s finances.

The General Ledger module is the most advanced of all of the Uniconta modules. It is available for all kinds of companies, associations and institutions; large and small, complex as well as basic. It contains all the necessary tools to post transactions, report and monitor a company’s finances.​



Posting journals and balances can be simulated before posting so that the user can check and see how the transaction affects the accounts before the journal is updated. This way our users can be sure that everything is set up properly before the final posting is made.

If the posting doesn’t look quite right, then users can adjust the posting process for optimal functionality.
This gives our users total control over their financial management and helps them to avoid frustrating errors.

Posting in several financial years

Transactions can be posted in several fiscal years at the same time.
Each financial year can also be divided into periods whereby both years and periods can be blocked or closed.

This way, users can be sure that everything is set up properly before the final posting is made. If the posting doesn’t look quite right,
then users can adjust the posting process for optimal functionality.
This gives our users total control over their financial management and helps them to avoid frustrating errors.

The Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts contains all of the required account types and categories. It also shows account balances, subtotals of account sections as well as calculating expressions and ratios. Balances can be shown for two years at a time. This is also where our users can see an overview of their accounts, which is, of course, essential for any level of financial management.

Uniconta includes several posting journals and users can easily create additional journals. The user can then select the number of fields they would like to display. VAT is calculated automatically, and our VAT report provides a total for each VAT code and specification.

5 transaction dimensions

There are up to 5 dimensions available in Uniconta, that can be applied to transactions throughout the system.

Our Report Generator tool also displays
the dimensions.
The dimensions and sub-dimentions are free text so they can be named by the user themselves (e.g. department, carrier, purpose, type etc.).

Scanned documents and journals

Scanned documents can be attached to all transactions throughout Uniconta in any format. They can be sent by e-mail or uploaded either before, during or even after posting. Users can select our default Uniconta setup as well as create their own individual setup within the same journal. This applies across all companies that the user has access to. Uniconta can also operate with an unlimited number of journals per customer.

Financial Statements

Financial statements can be designed by the user and tailored to their needs. It is easy to create new as well as edit existing financial statements. Up to 12 periods can be printed on financial statements, including dimensions.

Uniconta is a flexible accounting program, that can be individually tailored to provide financial statements that best support the company’s accounting and reporting needs.

Physical Vouchers

Inbox folders

Users can drag the physical vouchers from the main list into the inboxes before they are posted to the journals (and thereby removed from the inbox). It is possible to show or hide these folders using a button in the local menu.

Approval of physical vouchers

An employee can ’approve’, ’reject’ or set a voucher to ’on hold’. Depending on what the user chooses, the voucher is moved to the folder with the same name in the physical voucher inbox. This way the bookkeeper can see which steps have been taken.
The Physical Vouchers also
has date and time fields which are: ‘Approved on’. It is also possible to add a note in the ’Notes’ field.

Approve via e-mail

Employees can be set up to receive an email request to approve a voucher. If this is switched on then the bookkeeper just needs to enter the relevant employee as the ’Approver’ on the voucher then the employee will automatically receive an e-mail. This e-mail will include buttons to ’approve’, ’reject’ or put a voucher ‘on hold’ as well as a button to ‘show’ the voucher. So the employee does not even need to open Uniconta.

Approval in the employee table

Physical Vouchers can be approved directly in the employee table’s local menu.

If a user approves another user’s voucher then their employee id will be indicated as the approver.

”It’s a really, really good and flexible financial management system that we have been waiting for, for many years. It is incredibly accessible and easy to customize to our needs with new fields, records and screenshots that are just awesome.”

Teddy Rasmussen, Owner of T R Varmeteknik

What can Ledger do?

Uniconta can be set up using our default settings as well as individually tailored settings within the same journal. This applies across all companies that the user has access to. In addition, Uniconta operates with an unlimited number of journals per customer.

Users therefore have the freedom to adapt Uniconta precisely to their company’s financial management needs.

Offset accounts now includes the invoice field

If you want to settle multiple invoices with a payment that’s less than the total amount due on the invoices, you can now do it in a single line. Through offset accounts you can specify the amount and invoice numbers, thereby partially settling multiple invoices with one payment.

Currency on financial accounts

If the account is of the “bank” type and a currency is assigned to the account, the balance will accumulate in that currency. Now, the “debtor summary account” and “creditor summary account” types will function similarly, with the balance accumulating in the designated currency.

EU Sales without VAT

The report ‘EU Sales without VAT.’ Only invoice lines with a tax code where the tax operation has marked the new field “EU sales without VAT” will be printed. This is relevant only for countries other than Denmark, as we already check for codes s3, s4, and s7 for Denmark.

For other European countries, different codes will be marked. Uniconta manages the configuration of tax operations.

Other features

  • Accruals for subscription revenue
  • Amount in financial statements and budgets
  • Create an Excel file from financial statements
  • Accruals and other allocations
  • Accountant closing sheet for year-end closure
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Copy/paste functionality
  • Quick set ups
  • Quick and easy corrections
  • Lines in the daily journals can now be sorted (but not kept for posting)
  • Two new features in the daily journal are ‘set date’ and ‘set text’
  • Switch signs in the financial statements, which can help when printing out an income statement to show income as positive and expenses as negative
  • The VAT for cash discounts can now be reversed when the discount is taken. (This must first be set up in the terms of payment)
  • Split a PDF into multiple PDFs in the physical vouchers (inbox)
  • Attach physical documents from the general journal
  • Users can specify whether to account for unrealized VAT
  • The general ledger now shows the number of lines in the overview
  • Dimensions added to Physical vouchers (inbox)
  • Users can delete accounting years without checking whether they are 5 years old, for up to 15 days after a company has been converted to Uniconta
  • Simulated transactions in account statements
  • A dimension can be blocked so that it cannot be used upon posting
  • Import bank account statements with date intervals
  • Two physical vouchers can be combined. This is done by adding one pdf to another
  • Users can replace a physical voucher if an incorrect physical voucher was attached initially
  • Upon importing bank transactions in the banking module, users can now select to “Put lines on hold
  • Exported finance transactions keeps track of what has been exported so that the same transactions are not exported twice. The function is valuable to users sending data exports to their auditors
  • ’Undo delete’ in the general journals. This works as long as the user has not clicked on ‘Save’.
  • New voucher numbers on the journal lines
  • Show date interval in journals
  • Bank reconciliation text can be edited
  • Personalised folders in Physical Vouchers (Inbox)
  • Bank reconciliation includes general journal lines
  • Move/Copy in the Physical Vouchers (Inbox)
  • F7 opens and closes the view of physical vouchers
  • Delete a dimension
  • Icon in the top bar to drag and drop physical vouchers
  • Show the transactions on an amount in a Financial Statement
  • VAT on journal set ups
  • Bank statement currency
  • Add dimensions upon using ”Approve voucher”
  • Superfluous attachments in scan e-mails are removed
  • The drag & drop function is available in the general journals, bank reconciliations as well as in the transactions report, where users can add a physical voucher to a transaction that has already been posted
  • Users can now edit open transactions using the F8 shortcut from the general journals or the bank reconciliation screens just as they can in the customer and vendor open transactions reports
  • Uniconta automatically sends an e-mail to employees who have not approved their vouchers. We only send one e-mail per employee, which will include a list of all vouchers that are not approved as well as a link to approve each voucher. Users need to set up which days of the week they wish reminders to be sent to employees on
  • If the user’s own voucher numbers are entered in a journal and the voucher number is not valid, then it will be highlighted in red under simulation
  • The settlement function has the possibility to settle several open transactions at a time
  • Three editing options in “Voucher transaction”: “Add VAT”, “Remove VAT” and “Change customer/vendor”
  • Reorganize dimensions, so you conversions here that convert any combination of dimensions to any other combination of dimensions.
  • Intrastat is supporting the extended file format which will be mandatory from January 2022.
  • You can switch between combo-box fields with the space bar. Ex. General Ledger/Customer/Vendor in the class journal.
  • The invoice journal has dates for sent by e-mail and sent via OIOUBL and a check mark for “Error when sending”
  • The VAT statement shows the VAT code from the chart of accounts, so you can easily see if there are any discrepancies
  • You can now create your own fields on the financial items. When these fields are created, they will also appear in the financial journal, and will be transferred to the financial items by posting
  • Move physical attachment to another company if it is sent to the wrong company
  • Compress physical attachment
  • Three decimals of the VAT percentage
  • Upon deletion of the oldest financial year, debtor and creditor items will also be deleted
  • Inbox, you can now convert a JPEG to PDF. Then you can merge it with another PDF
  • Rotate PDF can now update the physical attachment so you do not have to rotate next time
  • Temporary exchange rate in the financial draft. Now, you can enter a currency and an exchange rate in the financial draft, which will be used until it is closed

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