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Extended production with BOMs

Uniconta’s Production module manages production BOMs and provides an overview of the production BOMs in progress.

Uniconta handles 2 types of BOMs – BOMs and production BOMs. BOMs could be normal bills of materials that are reported as finished upon invoicing or summary lists, which include, for example, fees and freight.

Uniconta’s production module should not be confused with production management, since Uniconta does not manage resources, machine time, production time, etc.

Production orders

Production orders can either be created from the production order module or from the sales order directly. The production order allows the user to view the production lines showing the raw materials to be used in production.

It is possible to add or remove raw materials directly on the production lines. Upon creating the production lines, users can specify whether they want the raw materials to be drawn from the warehouse immediately, or just reserved for the production order. It is also possible to update raw materials consumption on an ongoing basis.

Reuse of saved productions

Production BOMs that are reported as finished and their production lines are stored in Uniconta. This way, users can always see the contents of the production BOMs that have been reported as finished.

Saved productions can then be used to create new production orders that include the same contents.

It is also possible to set up production groups, e.g. production departments.

Reporting items as finished

Production BOMs need to be reported as finished once the product has been completed in the production department. When an item is reported as finished, raw materials are taken out of inventory and the finished goods are placed into inventory for the quantity that has been produced.

The ‘report as finished’ can be performed via an inventory journal or via a production order. Users can report production BOMs as finished on an ongoing basis. On-hand inventory will appear as ordered or as inventory on the production BOM.

Simple serial and batch number tracking

Users can employ a "reference number" within production for simple batch/batch number tracking. This field is stored on the inventory transactions and invoice details upon posting. This field is also a simple way to cover any other requirements, such as registering serial numbers on inventory transactions.

User defined fields that follow the order

User-defined fields follow the BOM through to the production lines, if the name and type are the same. Uniconta’s production module should not be confused with production management, since Uniconta does not
manage resources, machine time, production time, etc.

Set up productions from sales order lines

Users can set up productions directly from sales order lines. A link is thereby created between the sale and the production, so when the production is reported as finished, the production price is recorded as
the cost price on the sales
order line.



The production order module provides an overview of production BOMs in progress.

Production integrated with inventory management

The production order header has a number of fields with which the user can determine how the finished item is placed into inventory. Users can place products “in production” and “on hand” before reporting them as finished. It is therefore possible to place items into inventory as well as manage warehouses on an ongoing basis. The same functionality applies to items ordered in the purchase module.

Re-order list link to production

It is possible to go from the re-order list directly to the production lines to see what is needed, and likewise to productions to see what is on order.

Production link to projects

Projects can be added directly in the production header. When finished, the item will then be placed into inventory, taken out again and placed onto the project. This is similar to the function which links purchases to projects.

Phantom inventory item

A production BOM can include another BOM which is automatically expanded in production. There must be a check mark in the ”expand” field. This is a ‘phantom’ inventory item. It works in n-levels. 


In the production module, users can choose whether attached documents should be saved in an archive. Then the document will be saved on ’finished items’ just as we do in the inventory archive, whereby documents from the order are saved together with the invoice.

Other functionality

  • ”Edit all” in production orders
  • Unfold BOM and select price
  • Users can unfold an entire BOM and view everything that is included
  • When creating a production from an order line, a reference is created between the two. Users can go to this reference using the local menu
  • Users are able to drag a report into the production module that includes the item lines from the production module only and see the custom fields
  • Productions can now use an expiry date which is included in the batch number


  • Production order print outs

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