Keep track of orders of items and services from vendors

Purchase order management is used to keep track of orders of items and services from vendors. It also allows users to receive items from vendors in parts. When a purchase invoice is received from a vendor, the purchase order is updated with the quantity as well as the purchase prices of each item or service.

Any new purchase prices can be updated directly on the items.



If a purchase order needs to be cancelled the user can simply copy/paste from the original order to avoid retyping information. Purchase orders can also be resent and reprinted.

Foreign currency

Users who trade with foreign vendors need to create purchase orders and make payments, etc. in foreign currency. Uniconta allows users to create transactions in the local or a foreign currency. Users can also select whether to update exchange rates automatically.

Mass updates

Uniconta provides the unique feature of mass purchase updates. This saves time and optimizes workflow. Users can also add item lines to existing purchase orders directly in the purchase journals. Purchase costs such as customs and freight can also be allocated to the item lines. If the user is informed of costs after the purchase invoice has been posted, then the cost on the purchase invoice can still be edited.

“It’s fundamental to us at alton&heim that we simplify things to make them straightforward for the customer. Indeed, we experience the same simplicity with Uniconta. They have done the thinking for us, so we don’t have to spend a massive amount of time on meaningless choices. Instead the tools are already set up in the system and can be used right away.”

Henrik Althoehn Henriksen, Director and Partner at alton&heim

What can the Purchase module do?

Master data – Purchase order header

  • The amount in ”Receive now” is the amount that is invoiced
  • Order groups for filtering purchase orders – regular purchase orders and recurring purchase orders
  • Recurring purchase orders, for example, for subscriptions, memberships and service agreements
  • Reference fields – their ref., our ref., quote, sales order, customs number
  • Purchase order comment field – enter internal description here
  • Create sales orders from purchase orders
  • Attach files (documents) that can be printed together with the standard forms e.g. drawings, installation instructions, quality documentation and pictures
  • Purchase order summary per purchase order as well as a total of all purchase orders
  • View purchase order data in different layouts
  • Enter an employee reference on the purchase order
  • Create Electronic Purchase Orders – OIOUBL
  • Distribution of purchase costs (miscellaneous purchase charges)
  • Print/e-mail requisitions, purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices
  • Upon updating the purchase invoice, the invoice number is shown
  • Set up each vendor with a Danish FIK payment code and the payment ID will be ready for payment
  • Additional purchase charges can now be set up to be posted directly to the vendor account
  • Mass updates in purchases can now also create all standard documents
  • The VAT amount can be entered on a purchase invoice, if users wish to override the Uniconta calculation
  • Weight, volume and packages on an order
  • Approve sales and purchases
  • Include several orders on the same invoice
  • Drag & drop can now be activated in the purchase orders local menu in the under ’Physical Vouchers’. Users will then be able to drag a physical voucher onto the purchase order which will then automatically be linked to the order and saved in the ‘Physical Voucher’ inbox
  • On orders and purchases, you can now enter a posting text on the order header, which will then be transferred to the financial entries and the vendor entry
  • Support for purchases at a fixed cost price

Master data – Purchase order lines

  • Quick search by item number and text
  • Advanced search includes lookup in the inventory item list – by group, brand and category
  • Quick entry of several items and quantities at once – displays the selected items before copying to the purchase order line
  • Add a note to the item line or use the text field for notes
  • New line started automatically upon entering long texts – all text is included on the forms
  • Entering an item number is optional – the expense account can also be selected directly on the item line
  • Create templates – automatically inserts text and inventory item lines from the template
  • Specify whether the inventory item line should be charged (received)
  • Manage backorders on inventory item lines (partly-received)
  • Insert subtotals on inventory item lines
  • Insert multiple fields from the inventory item list for example: EAN number
  • Option to enter employees on inventory item lines
  • Option to enter a sales tax on the item lines if the selected item excludes VAT
  • Allows users to enter variants 1 and 2 on sales and purchase orders
  • Misc. Purchase charges can now be allocated by size
  • Misc. Purchase charges can now be assigned to specific inventory items
  • Recalculate prices on purchases


  • Invoice archive – Create new purchase orders based on previous purchase invoices
    – include purchase cost according to the updated purchase invoice
  • Purchase order lines –purchase orders in-progress / follow-up
  • Send to printer, export to Microsoft Excel and Word, export to a CSV file


  • Quotations, purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices

Updates: new fields, new lists, new function buttons, new reports

  • Uniconta standard tools module is included
  • New Purchase order Fields
  • New reports added to the list of standard reports

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