Assistant App

Full access to customers, vendors and projects on your mobile

Service your customers out in the field

Our Uniconta Assistant gives users full access to their customers and vendors from their mobile device. Users can create customers and vendors, invoices and sales orders as well as add attachments and notes to customers, orders and vendors via the Uniconta Assistant app.

Electronic voucher handling

Our Uniconta Assistant can also be used to handle electronic vouchers and send them in for approval. Dimensions can then be added to these vouchers, users can approve the vouchers (with or without comments) as well as reject the vouchers, put them ‘on hold’ or assign other users as approvers.

Everything registered in the Uniconta Assistant is of course updated in Uniconta right away. If the respective device is not online then the registrations will of course be updated in Uniconta as soon as the device is online again.

Mobile project registrations

Uniconta Assistant gives all users working on projects or registering vouchers related to their work, access to registrations in Uniconta. The Uniconta Assistant App includes a long list of facilities especially designed for employees who work out in the field. Employees can register their hours worked, costs of good sold, kilometers and other expenses/costs on projects as well as add notes and attachments.


The app includes start/stop functionality that allows the user to start and stop a timer on one or more independent project jobs at a time. So employees can track time used on telephone consultations, driving time as well as hourly consumption just by clicking on the Start/Stop button in the app. This makes such registrations easy and efficient.

Once everything is posted in Uniconta, expenses, driving time, hours and cost of materials can be invoiced to the customer via Uniconta. Users can always review quantities, prices etc. before invoicing, as well as edit, add and delete invoice lines.


Uniconta Assistant requires that the user has an active Uniconta user profile and is part of a subscription.

The following can be registered using the Uniconta Assistant

On hours and kilometers

Date, Comments, Quantity, Project, Category
and Task

On materials

Date, Comments, Quantity, Item, Vendor, Project, Category and Task

On expenses and costs

Date Comments, Quantity, Project, Category, Task and photos.

Notes and files

Notes and files can be attached to Projects, Customers and Vendors

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Try Uniconta for free for 30 days to get to know all the modules and the functionality. After 30 days you decide whether you want to subscribe to Uniconta or not.

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