Download the right Uniconta application for your needs

Uniconta for Microsoft Windows

New users or existing Uniconta users that needs to install the program, can download Uniconta on the Microsoft Store or via ClickOnce. 

Uniconta Dashboard for Microsoft Windows

Requirement: Uniconta user

Manual update

These installations do not check for new versions. This must be checked and updated manually by the administrator. P.S: Run this application as administrator.

Release date: August 19, 2022

Release date: August 19, 2022

Migration tools

Requirement: Uniconta user

Uniconta on Mac

Uniconta is a Windows App which must be run on Windows.

Parallels® Desktop for Mac simulates Windows on a Mac and thereby allows users to run Windows programs on a Mac, including Uniconta. In other words, it is Parallels that enables Windows programs can be run on Mac computers.

Mac users can install Uniconta on a Mac by following the steps below:

Step 1 – Create a Uniconta user

In order to use Uniconta, a user profile is required. This can be set up by following this link:

Step 2 – Install Parallels and Windows

Parallels can be downloaded from the Appstore or from Parallels Parallels’ website also includes a guide on how to install Windows.

Step 3 – Allocate more RAM to Windows

Parallels allocates 4 GB RAM to Windows by default. We recommend, however, that a minimum of 8 GB RAM is allocated to Windows and Uniconta.

Step 4 – Install Uniconta

Once Parallels and Windows are set up and installed, Uniconta can be installed. This must be done in Windows where you download Uniconta for Windows from Uniconta’s download page:


Please note that some integrations to other applications may not be supported by this set up.