PriebeHOLD ApS: Uniconta gives a hand behind the scenes

«Young lady, tread carefully as the stage is askew», states an old quote from a revue. According to Charlotte Priebe Hold, the advice is still applicable today. She is a partner and responsible for the finances of PriebeHOLD ApS. The company has provided theatres, musical stages, conference venues and many others with stage technology since 1960, where her father founded the company. Charlotte has chosen Uniconta as the company’s financial system, because it gives her maximum overview in an industry where things move rapidly and the stakes are high – both on stage and within the business.

«We work in the entertainment industry, and we certainly have a blast,» she laughs. «The business is swift, and lack of control over the finances can result in an unpleasant experience.» PriebeHOLD supplies everything from large hoists and acoustic controls to textile collections and projection movies.

One day they are hired to repair a backdrop at the local theatre, and the next day they are responsible for coordinating subcontractors in a million kroner project spanning over several years. BLOX, The Falconer Centre or the Danish Opera are just some of their customers.

A thorough overview

«Our line of work doesn’t only revolve around selling, but just as much about managing the costs throughout a hectic day. That’s why the overview Uniconta provides is the feature I am most excited about,» she says. «The first thing I do in the morning is log on to the system and open the debtor, orders, offers, invoices and the balance. Minute by minute I can assess our progress, see where a crisis is about to occur or which projects aren’t following the plan. I am in control of the liquidity and can see where my attention is required. We possess all the features we need and even more. All for a price, which is by far more than reasonable. «

When the company decided to change the old C5 system, we required it to be in the cloud. «We were exhausted with the unnecessary time spent on money and updating. We were seeking a system that managed itself,» says Charlotte Priebe Hold. «With Uniconta we actually found a solution to many other challenges.»

Control over the inventory

The inventory management is almost in place. Through the inventory management module Charlotte and the other employees control the extensive stock of items such as fabric, which is purchased in Germany, but also Belgium, England and Holland. There are e.g. fire-resistant textiles delivered directly from the factory on pallets. They are sold in numerous sizes, weights and colours. Some fabrics can be up to 15 meters wide.

«With Uniconta’s inventory management module it has become significantly easier to keep track of everything,» says Charlotte, who, however, will not promise everything is registered and easily found. «We work quite dynamically, so if we have control over 95%, it’s outstanding.»

More efficient project management

The next step is to use Uniconta for project management. Often, PriebeHOLD has the role as the Danish coordinator that ties the knot for several foreign suppliers in a project – often large companies.

«We speak Danish, are present at the construction site and often know the builder, engineer or architect in advance. It puts us in a central position for many large projects, but also requires that we have 100% control on progress, status and coordination. Therefore, project management is the next piece of the puzzle that must fall in to place,» Charlotte says.

«My partner, Bo Hold – whom I am also married to – and I have been through intense training and receive concentrated lessons in the application of project management in Uniconta. We receive this by people from Lyngsøe EDB who have delivered our solution and incidentally supported us to an A+. Right now we are ready to say farewell to the Excel sheets and the long lists. We are looking forward to that. Who knows? Maybe some of our customers look forward to that too!”