alton&heim: New furniture chain clears the slate with 100% guarantee on sale prices

Alton&heim is currently located in Oslo, Aarhus, Copenhagen (as of 2019) as well as online. This new chain challenges existing competitors by offering exclusive furniture design in the traditional Danish style at reasonable, fixed prices. They are also focused on sustainability, providing the highest service by offering free delivery and a truck to remove old sofas that are sent for recycling at the Blue Cross. It’s all about making things easier for the customer.

“Our core philosophy is about clearing the slate and rethinking things,” says Henrik Althoehn Henriksen, Director and Partner. “Our philosophy also applies to our choice of collaborators, such as Uniconta as an ERP system and the commercial engine that ties together the financial, stock and sales management.

Just like alton&heim, this new ERP system has been developed from scratch. It is a flexible system that is easy-to-use, cloud-based, operates effectively and integrates easily with other applications.”

Warranty against sales

“It is essential that the tools we use support our founding concept,” explains Henrik Althoehn. “One example is that they should not cost a fortune. Our model consists of selling quality products at a reasonable price that will not change. As a consumer, you can rely on the price – there will be no other discounts such as special sales, annual discounts or a Black Friday discount. This means that you can buy furniture when it suits you – without worrying that the couch you choose is going to be being sold for half the price the next day. Of course, this philosophy requires us to ensure low cost without compromising on quality. And that’s one of the reasons we chose Uniconta to deliver what we needed, without having to pay an outrageous amount for extra features that we’ll never need.”

Simplicity is crucial

“It’s also fundamental to us at alton&heim that we simplify things to make them straightforward for the customer. They should be able to choose colors and materials, but they don’t need the choice of 1000 different combinations. Their options are refined and selected by our designers, since that is their specialty. They are assured that our service works after they receive their sofa or armchair. Indeed, we experience the same simplicity with Uniconta. They have done the thinking for us, so we don’t have to spend a massive amount of time on meaningless choices. Instead the tools are already set up in the system and can be used right away.”

Clear the slate and start again

Retus A/S is the Uniconta reseller that delivered and implemented the Uniconta solution at alton&heim. They are on board with clearing the slate and starting from scratch philosophy, similar to alton&heim and Uniconta. Creative Director Søren Just Skjelbo says:

“A clear slate provides the best opportunity to automate and improve routines. The more complex it is, the greater the gain. Old software, on the other hand, often blocks vital changes in a company. The arguments to keep an old system typically include: ‘the systems work and the employees are used to them’. But this mindset is almost suicidal if a company really wants to change and achieve a digital transformation.”

Uniconta is the core

Retus usually uses Uniconta when composing total business concepts for businesses – a field they are experts in. This also applies to the solution that they provided for alton&heim where all data, including inventory and prices, as well as sales and purchase orders are handled within Uniconta. It’s the heart of the system,” explains Søren Just Skjelbo.

“If you imagine a dumbbell, then the ERP system is the pole that contains all the data. Interfaces are then attached to both ends. One end works with the salesmen and customers, while the other works with the factories, wholesalers and logistics partners. Everyone has access to the same information to work with, everything is updated at once and everything works towards the same goal. As Uniconta is a very flexible system that is easy to integrate with other applications, it is the ideal economic engine for a business that wants to create a new and more modern structure. “

Quick and easy customization

Uniconta is based on a new experience, rather than being stuck in an old mindset. Everything is set out on the table and critically evaluated. It is then put together in a way that makes sense in relation to the requirements of today. For example, adding a field that takes hours in other ERP systems virtually takes minutes in Uniconta, says Søren Just Skjelbo.

Retus is a consulting firm that delivers digital architecture, unique e-commerce platforms and tailor-made solutions for retail businesses. All necessary expertise is available in-house.

“We can handle ERP, Portals, Sales Platforms, Webshops, BI, UX, etc., and have regular collaborators for design. This enables us to create an overview and offer crosscutting solutions, thus eliminating grey areas and an overlap of responsibilities that can easily arise in these types of digital projects,” states Søren Just Skjelbo.