Applied Turbine Technologies: No time to waste in a global market

Time is money. Applied Turbine Technologies produces machines used to dry road sections and concrete surfaces using jet turbines. These jet turbines are used, for example, to dry roads and runways quickly so that the roads can then be marked. Waiting for surfaces to dry means that people and equipment stand idle. Our philosophy is efficiency. This was why we chose Uniconta, so we can work even more efficiently.

“Improving our inventory management was our most important challenge,” says CEO Brian Ellegaard Andersen. As a previous director of a company that sold NAV-related products, Brian had significant knowledge of financial and warehouse management systems when he came to Applied Turbine Technologies. “We used to work with an Excel-based inventory management system and we used e-conomics for our financial management. It functioned just fine, but we wanted an integrated solution where all of the moving parts worked together.”

Inventory management plays a special role at Applied Turbine Technologies, because the company sells its machines in 17 countries. These are expensive products that customers cannot do without for a long period of time, so the company works, for example, together with local consignment warehouses. If a turbine engine needs to be serviced in Denmark or an accident occurs, it is necessary for us to be able to provide a new one quickly.

Business critical service

“Uniconta offers a multi-location solution that makes it easy for us to keep track of engines and spare parts in the countries where we operate. It is critical that it works 100% so we can live up to the service standards that we have promised to our customers. An entrepreneur with a large road project or an airport with a lot of passengers does not have any time to waste,” explains Brian Ellegaard Andersen, who can confirm that they are succeeding in their goal of keeping customers happy.

“In 2018, we will achieve a growth of around 40% – and we expect further growth. This year is also the first year we will show a profit. Part this progress is due to the fact that our new financial management process has made us better at managing our product consumption. Uniconta delivers a whole overview. It is a system we can grow with, so we are prepared for the future,” says Brian Ellegaard Andersen. He adds, “Uniconta’s reasonable prices in comparison to the much more costly NAV system was certainly also a factor in our decision.”

Value for money

All in all, Applied Turbine Technologies has invested around DKK 150,000 in their switch to Uniconta. The process from our decision to the implementation took under 4 months over the summer. “Our solution includes inventory management, serial number management, financial management – and we have also had several dashboards set up, so we can continuously monitor our sales. Along the way, we have requested additional features, which for one reason and another could not be 100% fulfilled, but have been passed on, so they will be implemented later. I know the market for finance systems inside out and I know when I am getting value for money. We get that with Uniconta.”

Others follow

Applied Turbine Technologies is one of numerous companies owned by Clausen A/S outside of Danfoss enterprises. The company employs six men, who manage up to 30 subcontractors worldwide.

“I don’t want to call the choice of Uniconta a pilot project. All of the companies can make their own choice,“ says Brian Ellegaard Andersen. “But it is clear that several of the others Clausen A/S companies are following our experience with interest. In the longer term, I think that Uniconta will be of interest to many of these companies.”