BEAS A/S: Automation of daily routines

If combined with an efficient payment solution, self-service minimizes the cost of employees and makes it easier for customers. BEAS succeed with just that, supplying commercial charging stands, ticket machines and control access systems to marinas, campsites and tourist attractions. All connected in a portal where customers can manage the individual units and, for example, invoice the users. BEAS know why their service is user-friendly, which is one of the reasons they have chosen Uniconta as their financial system.

“We had an outdated C5-system and were therefore interested in upgrading. One of the most important requirements for the new system was ease of use. We wanted to increase automated workflows so we could eliminate redundant manual entry. As I normally put it, it was time to get rid of the tedious work,” accountant at BEAS, Monica Mose, smiles.

“This was the beginning of our search process in collaboration with Concept Data, who have been our permanent IT partners for many years. We decided on Uniconta because it easily adapted their system to our needs – not just within accounting, but across our entire workflow.”

Adjustment of the order system

Customers personally manage their devices via the portal provided by BEAS. From here, a housing association can, for example, oversee its washing machines at different properties, follow the use and compare. Of course, this requires that every single device is registered.

Therefore, BEAS has made an adjustment enabling Uniconta to assign the individual vending machine or stand a unique System ID and machine number when creating the order.

This identification follows the unit throughout the production process and ensures that BEAS can deliver the machine or stand ready for operation. The customer avoids spending resources on integrating the individual unit into its administration. It is ready for use upon receival.

“The adaptation generates value for us and the customers. Within our systems and production, we can see which set-up suits the product. We can also prepare the product all the way down to the final location. Previously, the creation of the unique identification number occurred in a different program with the inconvenience and risk of error that manual coordination entails. Today, the process is integrated into Uniconta,” Monica Mose explains.

Coordinated item numbers

Another important adaptation of the system is the coordination of the suppliers’ item numbers and BEAS’ own item numbers. This has been done by creating an extra box on the product card in Uniconta. On one hand, it is now faster to post a purchase invoice, and on the other hand, it has become easy to see when the item was purchased and at what price, Monica says. On a wide range of points, it provides a smoother and easier workflow for employees handling bookkeeping, finances and all the questions that arise on a regular workday.

“Our implementation strategy has been to take one thing at a time, ensuring that we maintain control and overview. We needed to function from day 1 and be able to take as much as possible with us from the C5 system, so our history remains intact. Today, we are in place with the basic parts of Uniconta. The next step will be to implement the “Offer Module” and later put the CRM module into play? At least that is what we expect, seeing as we already bought these features,” she smiles.

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