CP Byg: Good craftmanship requires efficient project management

In Broby right in the middle of Funen and in the center of Denmark, the carpentry and construction company CP BYG can be found. CP BYG has doubled the number of employees over the past few years and is now approaching 50 employees. The company solves tasks across the country and, among other things, with their professional board they have succeeded with a professionalization that matches the growth of the company. One step along the way has been the implementation of Uniconta, which is actually the company’s first ERP system.

“My first job, when I was hired a few years ago, was to find the right ERP system with integrated project management. Until then everything was done with attachments in folders, various spreadsheets and master’s head,” says Kirsten Sørensen, who is responsible for finance and administration at CP BYG.

“I had worked with different systems, but baredata from Svendborg pointed to Uniconta, which was completely new. It seemed reasonable and it contained the project management functions we needed. We could even influence the development with suggestions and became a sort of test run on the project module.”

Divide the project and create overview

For a craft company like CP BYG, it is crucial that there is control over hours and material usage. The construction manager must be able to follow the individual project carefully and see if deviations occur in relation to the budget. The management must have a thorough overview of all projects to ensure that the entire business is on the right track. It has to be easy and straightforward for everyone.

“With Uniconta it is easy to split the individual project into sub-projects. We often do it according to the category, so for example windows, flooring or roofs get their own project and budget. We can also add a supplier as a sub-project,” explains Kirsten Sørensen. “It provides a level of detail in the follow-up, so we easily can see where and when the finances of a project possibly could run off track.”

Efficient approval minimizes errors

Another significant element of project management is the unique Physical Inbox in Uniconta, where all invoices end up. Kirsten adds the date, amount, vendor, account, project number, category etc. Then the invoices are ready for approval by the construction manager and possibly another approver. Every Thursday, the construction managers approve the invoices, which are then automatically transferred to a bookkeeping journal.

“It saves time for administration, but more importantly, we never post anything that hasn’t been approved by a building manager. It is also relevant for the construction manager who has the opportunity to enter the system and see which documents are on a project or a sub-project. Finally, we also avoid double payments. Once a payment file has been created, the system will alert you that an invoice has already been paid.”

Follow up note

In addition, Uniconta is also provided with a note function, so you are able to, for example, write a note to yourself if only 50% of an invoice is paid. The construction manager often wants to withhold an amount until the work is completely finished – and without a note on the invoice, it can be difficult to keep track of payment during a long-term project.

With Uniconta, CP BYG is well dressed for future challenges, says Kirsten Sørensen, who emphasizes that it is easy to draw certain numbers when the company owner and director meet with the board to create long-term business plans. “It is quality, reliability and proper pricing that creates growth and loyalty, but a good ERP system enables us to handle the success,” Kirsten Sørensen says with a smile.