Fakro Denmark: More time for sales and costumer service

“The time saving is probably the greatest value we have gained by switching to Uniconta. Our entire order and quotation process is now more flexible,” says Morten Dahl Nielsen, customer service manager at Fakro Danmark A/S. Fakro is a Polish, family-owned company operating in more than 70 countries. The company is one of Denmark’s largest suppliers of roof windows and loft ladders. They sell their products via the builders’ merchants such as Bygma, Stark and XL etc.

As support and updates began to cease on their Dynamics C5 solution, Fakro started looking for another solution. It was at a presentation in Herning, that Lyngsøe EDB demonstrated a new financial system to Fakro, that looked promising.

“We could tell that Uniconta could match our needs immediately. The solution was less complex than C5, easy to use – yet it contained all the features that we required. Payroll across divisions is completed externally, so what we required was the ability to handle an enormous flow of offers, orders and billing on a daily basis. In addition to this, we of course have continual follow-ups with our customers. We supply approximately 250 Danish builders’ merchants as well as the many craftsmen and private individuals who order our products through them,” Morten Dahl Nielsen explains, who particularly appreciates that various daily tasks have now become much easier.

Easy and user-friendly

“We save a lot of time by importing and exporting files to and from Uniconta, for example. When we edit the prices of the many items we offer, we do not need to alter them line by line, as we previously did. We simply export the data to an Excel file, quickly adjust the prices and then import the file back into the system once again. It’s simple and practical,” he highlights.

“It is now also much easier to extract other data from the system, so employees can, for example, quickly access information about customers, previous purchases and much more”, says Morten Dahl Nielsen. 

Searching has also become easier. For example, if employees need to find one of the approximately 250 builders’ merchants we cooperate with, they can just search by name, city, owner or just a part of those key words, and then choose from the search results that the system offers. Previously, the words in the search bar had to be precise and extensive. Sometimes one just doesn’t have all the details to hand, especially when things are moving fast.

International benefits

“Another practicality is that the system can automatically convert currencies for us,” he says. “The prices in our international catalogue are in Euros and when we make an offer to a Danish customer, Uniconta automatically converts the amount into Danish Kroner. The combination of all of these little efficient details means that we can save precious time in our daily work routine.”

One of the biggest advantages has been that we can now fully integrate our inventory management with the rest of the system’s operations using Uniconta’s inventory module. “We have a warehouse in Herning and a logistics centre in Poland. We need to be 100% updated and coordinated in terms of our inventory management, so that we can give our customers clear and quick answers regarding inventory delivery. Today we are able to see exactly what inventory is selected, where and when,” says Morten Dahl Nielsen.

Access to customer information

Our next step with Uniconta is to use the system’s capabilities to access updated information on our customers, whether we are in the office or on the go. We expect to launch new projects using Uniconta’s CRM module soon, he says. “We are really looking forward to being able to get easier access to our customer information. In particular, it will be a great help for our consultants, who drive around the country visiting various builders’ merchants, to have all of this information at their fingertips.”

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