Fitness Engros: A smooth system is a must when you're selling fitness

A business with 10,000 different product numbers needs some way of keeping track of the economic side of the business as well as the logistics and daily work flow. So when Fitness Engros set out looking for a new business management system, user friendliness, flexibility and accessibility were essential criteria in their search. When the dust settled, it was Uniconta that was victorious.

You want it, you got it

”Our whole set up requires agility and customization,” explains Thomas Bøgelund, CFO at Fitness Engros. ”We have so many different product numbers to keep track of and we need to be able to list them in several different ways depending on whether they are for the sales team or the service technicians.

“Our whole business concept is about individual customization – which is perfectly aligned with Uniconta’s concept of allowing their users to set up their own individual layout, add their own fields and all the other features that allow each Uniconta user to get the exact functionality that they want.”

Fitness Engros is one of the largest resellers of fitness equipment and machinery to the professional market in Scandinavia. They offer a wide range of brands covering the whole spectrum of fitness solutions from apartment building fitness centers to advanced, high quality equipment for professional fitness chains and physiotherapists.

A good team

Fitness Engros’ strength is the wide range of products that they offer, but the amount of product item numbers in play really gets up there when spare parts need to be available in the warehouse for hundreds of different machines from several different brands. Fitness Engros also services the equipment, so their technicians need to be able to order the replacement parts and products while they are out at a customer site.

”That’s why it was so important for us to find a system like Uniconta, that is so accessible,” Thomas Bøgelund explains.” We use the B2B webshop solution as well as the warehouse and logistics module in Uniconta, but we also have a third party mobile service that makes life easier for our service technicians.  Fortunately for us, the systems all work seamlessly together.”

How the decision was made

”Our reseller showed us a Uniconta demo company that he had exported our own company data into, to create. It was quickly clear that Uniconta really suited our demands. It’s flexibility and user friendliness made it an easy decision. The shift from the old C5 system also went smoothly,” Thomas Bøgelund explains.

Thomas’ advice to others looking to switch is threefold: “Planning, planning, planning. It really pays to be patient and not rush into something that has not been fully thought through. Take time to predict and think it through. Think, for example, about the details of your invoicing needs and packing slips etc. before you make the decision.”

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