Gullfoss Panorama opts for Uniconta

Streamlines and supports business processes

Gullfoss Panaroma has been a family-operated business for over 20 years and currently consist of a café, a restaurant and a souvenir shop at Gullfoss waterfall, one of Iceland’s key tourist attractions. The family has for decades fought for the preservation of Gullfoss and its foremother, Sigridur Tomasdottir, is credited for saving the waterfall from being utilized as a hydropower station.

Following a rapid growth in number of visitors Gullfoss Panorama went searching for a business solution that could help streamline and support its business processes. After reviewing several options the company opted for Uniconta, the new cloud-based ERP system from Erik Damgaard, creator of Concorde XAL and Dynamics AX

POS integration

Uniconta was implemented over the mere course of a few weeks in partnership with Strikamerki and saw a full integration between Strikamerki´s SagaPOS and Uniconta as a key component.
Ingvaldur Thor Einarsson at Uniconta Iceland is delighted that Gullfoss Panorama picked Uniconta. “We’re thrilled that a company of this magnitude selects Uniconta only within months of its launch here in Iceland. Our complements also go out to Strikamerki for successfully integrating Uniconta and SagaPOS over the course of a couple of weeks.”

Every manager’s dream

Svavar Njarðarson at Gullfoss Panaroma states: “Uniconta is a fantastic business solution that supports our operations and business processes. As we welcome thousands of visitors every day all year round, inventory management is a critical part of our business. Uniconta enables us to manage and manipulate our product master and product flow in an easy and intuitive manner – it’s every manager’s dream.”

Unlimited potential

Sæmundur Valdimarsson at Strikamerki states that Uniconta responds to the needs of almost any mid-size business. “We have for decades been a leading supplier of POS and warehouse systems along with handheld solutions. Uniconta provides unlimited possibilities when it comes to connecting and integrating such solutions and is thus a catalyst in streamlining business processes and improving operational efficiencies.”

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